Moving in Summer

Hello everyone!

Greetings from South Carolina!
I was thinking that a blog would be a good idea to keep everyone updated on the happenings of my new “Southern Life”, so here goes!

There is so much little stuff, but I’ll try to keep to the big stuff.
Chris and I are doing very well, and are having fun being together! I am working at Starbucks still, and really like my new store, and co workers. I also found a salon! It is in a nice shopping center, that reminds me of California. (in that its NEW, lol) There are A LOT of old buildings, and old centers that just aren’t kept up here, but thats another story.
So, all that is good. I’m working lots.

We are in the process of moving to a new apartment, and will be in on Saturday. We paid for an extra week so we could have some time to shuttle stuff over, and have only big stuff to move on Sat. with the big truck, and helpers. Now keep in mind it’s averaging 95 degrees this week, so yeah, we’re not having tons of fun, but the whole reason we’re moving is because our current apartment has no AC flow in one of the bedrooms and the management keeps trying to tell us that’s normal. (right). So, long story short, they let us out of our lease, and we’re moving. It’s called Broad River Trace, and it’s beautiful and new (1998).

It’s even tougher to get moving this week because just yesterday I had surgery to take the basal cell carcinoma off my neck. This was planned before the move. We drove down to Beaufort, (Chris’ hometown) to the surgeon’s office where Chris’ Mom works. She helped me get it taken care of since I am still waiting for insurance from Starbucks. I’m VERY relieved to have it off, and done, but now I have a bandage on my neck, and I’m all sweaty trying to get things moved.

Beaufort is beautiful, and I finally got to see the beach in South Carolina!
Yes, I met the Atlantic!
Chris kept trying to tell me it isn’t as easy to get to the beach in SC as in CA, but I just couldn’t understand it unless I saw for myself, so… we went!
You drive out to the turn for the beach parking, and after paying $4 PER person, you proceed to wind your way back into this jungle of trees! I have never known so many trees to be at the beach! I imagined the early settlers with machetes, hacking their way through this forest, and coming across the ocean on accident! And it’s not just the palmetto’s, there are PINE trees here too! It really is beautiful, but now I know what Chris was talking about. You don’t just drive down Newport Blvd to any street, park, get out and walk onto the sand.
Anyway, I will get the pictures uploaded soon, and then you will see. We saw the Lighthouse there at Hunting Island, and I dipped into the WARM water of the Atlantic, snapped some pictures, grabbed some shells, and left! That was fun. We even saw some dolfins just off shore! It would be fun to spend some time there at the beach.
We ate at one of Chris’ (and Beauforts) favorite sandwich shops, Alvin Ord’s. They make REALLY good sandwiches, and now I’m afraid I will start craving them! hehehe

OK, this is a good start. I will try my best to keep this current, and let everyone know what’s happening, and how Chris and I are doing! He’s taking good care of me, and I like to think I take good care of him too!

I love and miss you all!


6 thoughts on “Moving in Summer

  1. Hi Kelly, I love your Blog. I never would have thought os somehting like this, but it is great and I enjoyed reading about your Beach Experences!! LOLThanks for the invite, I will look forward to future updates from you and Chris.Tell Chris Hello from me and you both take care.Ted/Moch

  2. Hi Pretty Gurl! I know what its like being in a strange place on a holiday……..just know that we love you and we’re rooting for you both. Did you get hit with the Starbucks layoff?Anytime you guys want a cheap vacation………come to see Wisconsin. Nut, Terri, Fishychips and I would love to have you.Peace , Love, and all those other indoor sports (always remember to care for each other and always give one another at least the courtesy you’d give a stranger………like please and thank you)We Care,Cliff

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