A few weeks ago, I walked outside, and heard this very strange noise. It sort of sounded like crickets, but louder. Maybe some strange bird noise coming from the trees. I just ignored it, and went about my business. But that night it was still there, and the next day, and the next day.

Chris and I were going out, and I asked “What’s that noise? Is it birds?” He says, “I think its insects.” I did a little investigating, and turns out they’re cicadas! The funny thing is, they ‘rev’ up, it sounds like a motor, going from slow to fast, and then they slow down to stop! It’s the weirdest noise I’ve heard. And it’s a sort of constant noise here like crickets, getting louder in the evenings. After moving, I came home one day, and what do you think I saw sitting on the ground? You guessed it! They’re kinda ugly, but I was fascinated! Here’s the picture I took.

It’s funny, after writing about the thunderstorms, a friend says, I can’t wait until you see your first firefly! I got all excited, and ran to tell Chris, “Tracy says she can’t wait til I see a firefly!” He says “WHAT?!?! You’ve never seen a firefly?” I said “nope!” He informs me that he just saw one out back the night before, and he was sure I’d see one. Just as we were talking about it, I saw one! lol I was like a little kid, all excited. We don’t have them in CA, and was just tickled to see what so many kids here grow up catching, and possibly not even noticing as adults. The next couple of nights I saw more, and am still tickled. Chris says they’re slow moving and easy to catch. He ran off after one the other night, and actually CAUGHT it! I saw one up close and personal, but it didn’t light up for me. It’s ok. I just like knowing they’re out there! Maybe I’ll get a jar at some point.

There are LOTS of bugs here. I had been warned too. “Palmetto bugs” they call the cockroaches. Spiders o’plenty, and lots of gnats and flies. Then there’s dragonflies, carpenter bees, black wasps, red wasps, mud daubers, and beetles. I guess thats what you get with such lush surroundings. All that rain, and all those trees, keeps a nice home for all kinds of critters.
Including me! 🙂
Ooh! I forgot to mention the frogs! Tons of small frogs that make a whole lot of noise! ’bout the size of an egg and beige colored, Chris and I make up what we think they are saying. hehe


2 thoughts on “BUGS

  1. Those are cicadas but not the magical 17 year cicadas with the red eyes. They appeared here in the Chicago area last year and won’t be back until 2024. Trés cool.

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