Summer trips

Well, Happy August everybody!

August to me means Summer is closer to it’s end, and that makes me happy! The heat will soon be fading, and I can go outside again! (I really just don’t do well in extreme heat)
Salon business will pick back up again for back to school do’s, and Mom’s will be more free to come in. Football season is gearing up, and sweater weather is, (I hope) just around the corner!

Chris and I are doing well, and still loving the Ice Palace. It’s nice when you comment just about every day how much you love coming home! I’ve hung a couple of pictures, and even though I never seem to have enough time, I’m feeling the pressure to get this place decorated!

I’ve finally decorated my station at work too! I couldn’t decide on a “theme” for a long time. Zen?, Shabby-Chic?, California/beachy?, everytime I came into my nice, clean, uncluttered station I put it off again. But I found a cool ‘painting’ I really liked, and so it was decided, Shabby-Chic. I will have to show you pictures later, describing seems really boring. I am erring on the side of “less is more” and keeping it as uncluttered as possible.

I haven’t really talked about the Salon yet, but I love it, and though Summer is slow everywhere, I feel once Fall kicks in, I’ll get busier. I already have some repeat clients, and I’m working a referral program that I hope will work better than relying on walk-ins. I have switched to the Paul Mitchell color line, and it’s working out really well. Many reasons, but mostly for education, range of possibilites, and cost effectiveness. They are opening a “Paul Mitchell, The School” (cosmetology academy) here in Columbia, which will bring some much needed progressive trendiness to this area.

I’m still at Starbucks, but I feel that is coming to an end. (in case you were wondering, NO, we’re not affected by the recent closures) The more I weigh it out, the less sense it makes to be working a job that really isn’t paying off, in SO MANY ways. I still haven’t received my insurance packet, (hopefully because of the move) and if I didn’t qualify this last quarter for benefits, I’m done. I need to be in the Salon doing what makes me most happy, and most money. I have looked into buying insurance for myself, and if I’m busy in the salon, it’s totally doable. (is that a word?)

Anyway, I wanted this post to be more about the couple of little trips I took this last month and a half.

One of the cool things about the East coast is that the States are WAY closer together than on the West coast. You can drive for 10 hours and never leave California. Here, you drive 10 hours and can go through about 5 States! Since I haven’t been to many states on this coast, I like to just take an afternoon and go see something new!
Augusta, Georgia is only about 50 minutes away, so a few weeks back, I headed there after work. I didn’t really have a destination in mind, just wanted to drive there. I jumped on I-20, and off I went! As I got closer to the border, there was major construction on the freeway that slowed us down to about 30 mph, so I could snap these pics of the Savannah river (right at the border), and the “Welcome to Georgia” sign!

I went to the Georgia tourist information center, and got a map of GA, and a copy of the Augusta Chronicle. I only ventured in a few miles, the construction kept me from many exits, so I didn’t see much, but it was a busy place. I got some drive thru, and headed home. I’ll be back in GA soon. Chris and I are planning a trip in Oct. to go see his Dad who lives in Tate, GA. NW of Atlanta. Savannah is about 2 1/2 hours South, and also on my list.

Just this last week, I drove to North Carolina.

Charlotte is about an hour from Columbia, and everyone told me about this “really cool Mall” called South Park! lol It even has a Nordstrom! woo hoo! I checked it out. Very nice mall, but more like a one story South Coast Plaza, minus Bloomingdales. It was nice to see more of Charlotte. I really liked it there, it’s got a bit more to do there than here in Columbia. It has public trasportation too, (something that is conspicuously absent here) but also more people, and more traffic, so…. close enough to visit, but just far enough away. It was nice to see a Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and a Pottery Barn again. 🙂 And THEY have Jack-in the-Box!!! It’s sad, but God, I miss that place!

I wouldn’t mind moving a bit North, or even to North Carolina, as they have more familiar things, and are not as resistant to progress, but for now I am content in my little niche, and the progress will come. Of that, I am sure. We DO have some cool stuff here, don’t get me wrong. I have most everything I need here, and when we get a Trader Joe’s or a Jack in the Box, or that Costco opens, I’ll be an even happier camper!


3 thoughts on “Summer trips

  1. Kelly, on one of your trips into GA, be sure to have Stone Mountian on your visit list. I drove out there from Altanta and found it very neat. I was goingto say Cool, bu that might give away that I was a CA kid.I never got into South Carolina, but I was not impressed with driving in GA or FL. Both places to me were like driving in a ditch or a tunnel and way way too flat even for a Sacamento Valley boy.Tell Chris Hello for me and you both take care.Ted

  2. I’m glad you added me to your blog, will help me keep in touch, i’m terrible about that. On your next trip you should come see the great state of Maryland ;). Talk to you soon Chica….tell my helmet brother I said Peace out. 🙂

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