Beijing 2008

Hands up if you’re watching the Olympics!
I Love the Olympics. Always have. I would say more so back in the day when I was a kid, and it seemed grander somehow, (and Russia was our arch enemy) but I have always liked to watch. There just seems to be something magical about them. I know I get sucked in by all the stories of adversity, but that’s what makes it great! Someone to root for!

I have always been athletic, and I am one of those women who really like sports. I like competition. The Olympics is the epitome of that.

It’s cool that they only come around every four years, it’s more of a spectacle that way. And the kids who work those four years or more getting ready for their event(s)? God Bless them.

I can’t even imagine how cool it must be to represent your COUNTRY in sport. Not just YOU. Your Country.

The opening ceremonies in Beijing were by far the most brilliant, spectacular, amazing, and awe inspiring I have ever seen. Wasn’t it awesome?! The drummers! 2,008 performers! The costumes! The unison. All of it. Even if the Fireworks added to all that smog.

I can’t fathom what it would feel like to walk into that stadium with 91,000 people. What would that energy feel like? And there you are, because you’re special. You’re an athlete representing your country. Very Cool.
All politics go out the window for me, and I’m glad Bush was there. I think the Chinese are cool, and I love everybody. Especially the USA! hehehe

So, all weekend, Chris and I watched. We set our remote to toggle between only Olympic channels! I watched more than he, and I love seeing things like fencing, and archery. I really want to see handball. I don’t think its that kind you play with a little black ball up against a wall. I also want to see Judo or Taekwondo.

This is the only time I like to watch gymnastics, women’s soccer, water polo, and ping-pong!
I am sad that this is the last year for softball.

I’ll be cheering on Michael Phelps. How ’bout that relay last night?!?! I look forward to Track and Field, and hope there isn’t a bunch of doping going on. So sad. It makes it hard to not be a little suspicious instead of being inspired by someones true talent.
And I’m still not sure how I feel about professional athletes competing in the Olympics. And who decided there’s no more perfect 10 in gymnastics?!?!

Anyway, I’m glad I don’t have to decide. I just get to watch and enjoy.

Hope you are too! GO USA!!!


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