No More Starbucks!

I sit here writing in my nice cushy chair on a Monday morning 8 am after having a couple cups of coffee, and going for a walk, no longer a Starbucks employee! Yes, I quit.
So many factors went into the decision, but mainly it was exhausting to get up at 4:30 am 4 days a week (sometimes 5) and then 2 weeks later, I get a $300. check!
I want to do hair! It’s my joy. And it pays the bills.
I will miss the people I worked with, as I miss the ones I worked with in CA. I will miss free coffee, and my discount. I will miss some of the customers. That’s it. It was fun for 4 years, served it’s purpose, but I’m done.
I look forward to a normal schedule. Walking in the morning again, and not having to go to bed at 10! Now I can be at the salon 5 days.

Chris has been very supportive, and knows how hard it’s been. He’s been awesome to talk through it all. We will have more time together now too!

The weather is finally cooling down a little, and we have been talking about getting outside. We have decided to get skates! I have rollerblades, and have enjoyed them for close to 10 years, but I took them out the other night, and they are falling apart. Chris is thinking old school is the way to go, so we’re getting “quads“! (I’m thinkin’ they’re safer too!) We should be ordering them this week, and when we get them, we will most definitely post a pic! There are so many places for us to skate here, including the gi-normous parking lot in our apartment complex. We’re both looking forward to it!

We also got a hummingbird feeder! Within 5 minutes we had a hummingbird come, and within about 15 minutes we had 2 birds fighting over it! It’s just one of those little things that make us really happy!

We enjoyed the Olympics, and I look forward to London 2012. (that sounds really weird)
Now it’s time for FOOTBALL! I really hope to go to a Gamecock game. Yes, that’s right, Gamecocks. I live in a college town now, and USC football (South Carolina, NOT So. Cal) is HUGE. I have never been to a college football game, and I really want to experience one, so…keep you posted.

FALL is coming!!!! YAY!


3 thoughts on “No More Starbucks!

  1. Kelly, you will love the Football. It is different then Pro Football and a lot more intense. I use to Fly over to Pullman to watch the WSU Cougars play when my daughter was going there, and almost had frostbite for one game as it snowed, but I could not leave until the game was over.You should not have to worry about snow, but you never know!! LOLSounds like things are moving your way and you are setting in to Southern Living in fine fashion. Tell Chris I said Hi and bets wishes for you both.

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