Autumn is here!!

Happy October everyone!
Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I’ve written anything. I keep thinking I should post, but then I can’t think of what to write about.
Well, now I have some things to tell, so here goes….
September just seemed to still be hot, still had storms, and it seemed like it was going to be just another month of HOT, but somewhere in the middle of the month the mornings started getting cooler. I stayed outside longer watching the hummingbirds fight over our feeder. I got excited that I needed a long sleeved shirt to go walking. The humidity was gone! There was a day a few weeks back that was as if I called and requested the perfect day from God: “Yes, please, 78 for the high, cool breeze, clear blue sky except for a couple random clouds, warm in the sun, cool in the shade, 54 for the low”. THANK YOU!! đŸ™‚
I love the Fall. Chris says it’s your reward for making it through the Summer. True.
I do have my skates, and all the gear, but haven’t gotten a picture of me all decked out yet. Don’t worry, it’s coming. I’ve been out here in the parking lot a couple of times, but it was still just hot enough to be too hot to skate for a long time yet.
Fall also means Football, and play off Baseball. I still root for the Chargers, but the Carolina Panthers are a pretty good team this year, so that is fun. I’m hoping we can go to a game this season. Charlotte is only about 50 mins away, and Chris has never been to a professional Football game. He hasn’t been to a pro Hockey game either, and that is something I hope to remedy also, but the Hurricanes play in Raleigh, and that is like 4 hours away! sheesh. NO PRO SPORTS IN THIS TOWN SUCKS. lol I never realized how spoiled I was. Still haven’t made it to a USC game (Carolina), not sure if we will make one this year, but I still hope.

I was really sad that the Angels lost, but honestly, I’m a fan, and I didn’t see a spark in their step, and the fielding errors were inexcusable at this stage in the game. ’nuff said. Maybe I’ll post a random rant about how weird it is that Football is on so late here on the East Coast! hahaha
The salon is going pretty good. A little drama here and there is normal, a couple of people have left. One girl is pregnant, and left to save money, another guy left to return to an old salon, also to save money. The economy crunch has hit everyone. Even the hair stylist, a normally “recession resistant” profession. I still like it there, and am getting busier.
I don’t miss Starbucks much at all except for my friends, and of course, the free coffee. I was shocked and amazed a couple of weeks ago when I couldn’t remember the name of a drink I was trying to tell Chris about. I stopped, and raised my arms in the air. “I FORGOT A DRINK!!” Yes! I have cleared out space in my mind that was occupied by Starbucks drinks and recipes. That just tickles me.
So, October is here, and the weather just keeps getting better, but the sun is out less. That’s the sucky part. When the weather finally gets good enough to go outside and do stuff, it’s dark at 6. I’ll make it work.
October means the fair is here! YAY! It opened yesterday, and unfortunately, it rained. Here the fair is only 10 days! I have to make sure we get out there this weekend. We hope to go with some people from Chris’ work. I’ll write a review next week.

October 2 is Chris’ moms birthday, so last weekend we drove down to Beaufort. Last week was one year ago I came out here to meet Chris for the first time, and also my first trip to Beaufort, and to meet his family. This time it was an even bigger crowd, and lots of fun!
I think I’ll save that story for later also. I want to upload some pictures from the day, and I’m too tired to do it tonight. This is already too long.
I love you all, more to come soon, I promise!


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