Birthday in Beaufort

OK. As I mentioned before, last weekend we went down to Beaufort for Chris’ moms birthday.

It was really fun to get back down there and having the whole family come out made it really fun for all of us, but especially for Egie. Chris’ brother and sister with their spouses and kids, his Uncle, Aunt and cousin, Egie’s friends, neighbors, and I believe her cousins made it a full house!
We had tons of food, and beautiful weather.

I gotta tell you, it must have been so cool growing up in that house, in that yard, and in that neighborhood, because it’s cool now!

Here in South Carolina, fences are few, and so the yards all run together, but even still, theirs is plenty big on it’s own. That’s a very cool thing about this place, and I’m not sure if it’s the
South, South Carolina, or just the East Coast, but here you have a yard to go play in. You
really can go outside and play.
We had so much fun just being in the yard, either playing frisbee, or catch with glove
and ball. Egie lives on the water, an inlet I think they would call it, and they have a
dock. No boat, but a dock. Well, there’s a canoe, and the teens took that out for a spin.
The little kids fished off the dock, and actually caught some fish! We only got a pic
of one. If you know what kind of fish this is, let me know, ’cause none of us knew.

And BIG, old trees to climb!

The live Oaks are amazing, with all the Spanish moss hanging down.
We were all having fun out back and Chris’ brother-in-law was playing ‘football’ with the kids. Here he is teaching Adam how to tackle Mattie!

After all that food, and some fantastic “not your momma’s banana puddin'”, most of the crowd was ready for bed around 8:30! hahaha

We all got up in the morning, and met at a restaurant for breakfast, and we had fun all over again, before everyone headed home. It was a great weekend, and fun meeting new family, and hangin’ with all of Chris’ clan. Just a couple more pics for you.
The back of the house from down by the water, and the porch fun a little closer.

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