SC State Fair!

Chris and I went to the South Carolina State Fair on Sunday!
We met a friend of his from work and his family. I thought (from looking at the websites map) that this fair was going to be smaller than our County Fair in CA, but I was wrong. I was surprised once we started walking around, how big it really is! I was also pleasantly surprised at how many similar things they have!

There was a building full of those silly things like the ‘personality test’, a building with home and crafts, even the glass cases with the baked goods just like in OC! It made me think of Danielle and Stephanie’s baking. YUM. That one also had fruits, vegetables, etc. from local farms that I thought were pretty cool. They were displayed on carts you might see in farmers markets.

There was a building with art, but I was disappointed in how little photography there was, and the weird (in MY opinion) paintings taking up all too precious photo room. 😉 A big difference: there is a HUGE sand sculpture display/competition. It was at LEAST 2 stories high, and this one depicted a sword-weilding horseback warrior of some kind. They were working on it as you walk past. Pretty cool! But I wondered, did they knock it down and the next team started theirs? hmmm.. I will have to investigate.

Chris, Al, Cathy and I ate a deep-fried Oreo. That was good, but I could only do one. For many reasons.

We walked around, and looked at the CRAZY rides, of course seeing the screaming kids, and hoping no one got sick near us. We decided to go on the Ferris Wheel, my favorite, and got to see Columbia from a birds eye! Very pretty view, and great cool breeze up there.

I think that SC has more games than in OC. I did try the water gun game, but barely missed. SHOCKER! LOL The Fair is just fun. No matter where you are! I’ve decided. We parted ways with our group, and I insisted on trying an ‘Elephant Ear’. Apparently a solid Funnel Cake! I got powdered sugar and cinnamon on top. YUM! It was so big Chris had to eat at least half!

We made our way to the exit when we forgot we didn’t see the animals!!! Oh Dear…We can’t leave without seeing the cows and pigs, etc. So we marched back to the barns to see the animals. Here there aren’t any barriers between you and the cows, so you could walk right up and touch them. (not that I would do that OR recommend it!) We saw all the other animals too, and Chris saw his first live, in person Turkey. Yessir, all kinds of cool things at the fair.

I can’t wait for July ’09. I plan to come to CA for a visit, and it just so happens the OC Fair is in July! YAY!

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