Georgia Trip

Happy November everyone! LATE.
I was waiting for some pictures to be sent before I updated, but they’re still not here, so I will do without.
So much to talk about, I’m going to have to make multiple entries, or I will blab on and on and bore you all!
Starting a few weeks back in October, Chris and I went to Georgia to see his Dad and Step Mom. They live in Tate, which is North of Atlanta, and about a 4 hour drive.

Georgia is very pretty, and was a nice drive, tho I didn’t get to see Atlanta as we drove around the city to avoid road closures, and save time.

Tate is a marble town in Pikens county. So much marble from the quarries there, they have huge hunks just laying on the side of the railroad tracks (all of which are numbered, and would take heavy machinery to steal!) It was beautiful and cold!

Chris’ sister, brother-in-law and neice also came out, and we all had a great time.

Jim and Mary have a very nice home, and some property on which they have a barn, and some cool black walnut trees. Mary’s family came over Sunday, and there were kids and food, and fun as Jim took us all around Tate in the back of his small pick up truck! We visited the Tate graveyard that has (as you can imagine) Huge marble headstones and mausoleums.

But the coolest part of the day was the evening when Jim called us all out front to sit in lawn chairs and “watch the birds come in to roost”. Huh?

Oh my goodness. I have never seen such a thing. These ‘cowbirds’ (we don’t know what they are) come IN THE THOUSANDS to sleep in this bamboo forest one street over. But it’s a whole ritual they do as they all fly in that is the amazing thing to watch. Flock after flock after flock come in, and they group up, and fly around like a school of fish in the air, and are quite a sight to behold, and hear! It’s something I think you have to see. Me describing it is an injustice, but I am NOT kidding when I say THOUSANDS! hahaha

Monday we all went to the Chattahoochee river, and walked the trail there. It is so beautiful, and this time of year with the leaves changing made it even better, but the best part for me? When Mary doled out the Groucho Marx glasses for everyone, and we all took them with us for pictures and general silliness! 🙂

We had a great time, and will definitely go back again sooner than later. Tate is only about an hour away from Chattanooga, TN. so hopefully we can get up there next time! I love seeing these United States!
Here is a photo of the river.
I have many more stories to tell, but I have to get to work.

Maybe tonight. 🙂 Love you all!

Happy Birthday to all my Scorpio friends and Family!!!!


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