Which brings me to Halloween.

I have always liked Halloween, but not to the “all-out” extent. I like to dress up, but just for a little fun. I mostly like to see little kids in their costumes, and hand out candy.

Here at our apartment complex, there are very few children, and most are not even trick or treating age, so we got NO trick-or-treaters.

Turns out, I was the ONLY person who dressed up at work. SHEESH!! Where are your inner children?!?! lol I found a really cool afro wig, and built on that. I ended up being a “70’s chick”.

It was a pretty slow day at the salon, and I thought it was time for a change, so I changed my hair color to brown (ish red). It’s fun to change, and works for winter.

On the first of November, I finally went to my FIRST college football game! USC (Carolina) vs. Tennesee. Courtney got some tickets from her client, and invited me. It was really fun. We didn’t tail gate since we had to work that day, but our brilliant plan was to meet downtown and take a taxi to the stadium. It was great! We dressed all warm, and enjoyed the Gamecocks kickin some Tennesee butt! I loved the school spirit, the student section was crazy! The marching band was great! They did “Thriller” and I have never seen a band put their instruments down and all do the zombie dance in unison. Fun! Even the mascot, “Cocky” (I kid you not) made me laugh. USC was up by 3 touchdowns by the 4th quarter, so we left to get a taxi back before they changed the traffic flow to outgoing only. It was a very fun night. Thanks Courtney! (Still waitin’ on those pics…..)
I hope you all had a Happy Halloween, and are enjoying football season!

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