New Computer!

It’s moving from Fall into Winter here it seems, as the mornings are getting a little too cold for me to walk outside. It’s actually going to get down to 19* Sat. morning! Now, I’m sure that’s “nothing” to SOME of you, but for me it’s COLD!!! I love it tho. As long as it’s not wet or really windy, I can handle cold. I just go down to the work out room we have here at the Apts. and bundle up during the day.
Seems like the trees were just starting to change color, and now many are bare! I got a couple of pictures of the trees around here, but they don’t do justice to their beauty, that’s for sure.

It’s funny, I moved here in January, and that was the first time I ever had to, or even heard of having to leave some water dripping in the faucets to prevent the pipes from freezing. Well, we have to do that again now! It sucks when you’re already in bed, and are just getting warm when you remember. DOH!

There are going to be a few more firsts here this coming holiday season.

It was like Christmas for me yesterday. I got my new laptop! YAY! I was always kind of keeping an eye out, and the prices can’t be beat at this time, so I bought a new Toshiba to replace my old Toshiba. This time I got a 17″ monitor! I can’t believe the difference, and amazing clarity of this new one. AND it has a webcam! so….if anyone wants to have a video chat..let me know, and we can fire up skype and we can see each other! 🙂 It’s amazing, and I’m loving typing on it!

I also got my first pair of CROCS! hahahaha I didn’t know what I was missing!

I was always a Birkenstock girl, and didn’t really try them out, but over the weekend we were in GA., everyone had them, and Chris got a pair from his sister. I used Mary’s and they were so comfy, and convienient and yet warm. Anyway, I ended up going to the website, and got a pair called the “Specialist”. They are for work, as they have no holes up top (I did get the ones with vents), a raised heel and arch support for ‘all day comfort’. I’m wearing them today to work. They’re Awesome people!

I also ordered some See’s candy to take with us to Chris’ mom’s house for Thanksgiving. That will be a first for many of them. I think they should really be scolded for not having any stores East of the Mississippi. BAD. Unfortunately, shipping is half the price of a box! Otherwise, I would have bought more. I can’t wait to hear what they think!

OK, late getting ready, just love the new ‘puter! 🙂


One thought on “New Computer!

  1. Okay, now hold on just a ding dang minute. There I was, reading your blog, getting all caught up on your life and thinking to myself, “Wow, good for Kelly. She sounds happy and healthy. She’s got it all going on,” and then I was hit slam in the face with a tsunami of dread…….CROCS?!!!!Quick woman! Get thee to a bonfire and send those things back to satan, from whence they came!

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