New Year and one year in SC!

Oh Dear!
I haven’t posted anything since New Year? OOPS!
Happy New Year! hehehe
I have no excuse, other than I don’t know what to write about.
I’ve been home the last couple of days with a bad cold, and have some time on my hands, but what to write about?
I’m going to let YOU decide.

Do you want to hear a rant on the bad drivers in SC, and the freeway/road differences?
The differences in food and restaraunts? or
Blue Laws and alcohol?

Leave me a comment, or email your choice, and I will tell you about that thing, and then follow with the others later.

January 21st marked one year since I moved to SC! It’s flown by!
I am really happy here, and still have much to explore.

January also has some good birthdays including Chris and his sister, so Happy Birthday to all you January babies!

OK, let me know!


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