The Good, the Bad, and the Fried.

OK, so I guess I’ll start with Food.

When I first got here, even to visit, I was really excited by all the restaurants I saw here that I had never seen before! I was like, WOW! What’s “Waffle House”?!?! Chris would say it’s a greasy spoon, and that it (and YOU subsequently) smells greasy and smoky, because it’s an open kitchen diner. Smoky? Oh yeah, at that time….just over a year ago, you could still smoke in restaurants. *sigh*

I wanted to know about ALL of the new places, and was very enthusiastic about trying new places to eat.
One of my first favorites was ‘Bojangles’. “Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits”. I had an egg, cheese, and bacon biscuit and was craving them 2 days after coming back to CA! Unfortunately, that is pretty much the ONLY thing I can eat there, since ALL the chicken is fried. Something I found to be a trend here. And not JUST the chicken. This is the land of many things fried! Even oysters! hehehe

I still love Waffle House, and mostly because I can get breakfast anytime, and it’s like 7-11 in CA. One on every corner practically.

The next placed I was fascinated by was ‘Cracker Barrel’. They seemed to be plentiful here, yet I had never heard of it. We went there, and I was instantly enamored by the rocking chairs out front where patrons can sit and rock while waiting for a table! I love that! The chairs also have price tags, and I wish to buy one someday. (I also saw said rocking chairs at the Charlotte airport in the terminal, and think this is a very cool Southern thing!)

Have any of you been in a Cracker Barrel? It even says on the sign, ‘Old country store’. The lobby is PACKED with country JUNK! lol (in my opinion) Seriously, it is like your pack-rat Grandma’s living room! I was feeling a little claustrophobic in there! Now, I think it is probably a great place to go and get your friends some cheesy South Carolina gifts, so it does serve a purpose.
It’s a pretty good restaurant, actually. Country cooking, pick your side dishes, and roll on out to sit in a rocking chair before heading home.

My one HUGE complaint about food here? NO MEXICAN FOOD!!

Oh there are posers. There are “Mexican Restaurants”, but they are sad, pathetic counterfeits. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s unfortunately true for me. You can’t grow up in Southern California and not become somewhat of a Mexican Food snob I guess.

They use ground beef in the tacos. Rice and Beans are SIDES. You can see the plate. There is NO shredded cheese. They use this fake liquid ‘goat cheese’?!?! What?!?! Sour cream and Guacamole are sides. There is no real salsa, or salsa choices. I will only go to one passable place here, and get a chicken enchilada. It’s sad for me. No El Pollo Loco’s here. No Baja Fresh. No Rubio’s. No El Cholo. No Mi Casa. I have to move on…..

The South is known for it’s BBQ and wings. There are so many Wings’ places here. Chicken fingers are a staple. “Wild Wings” is a big chain here that has like 25-30 different marinades or dipping sauces for your wings or fingers.

The BBQ pork or pulled pork is to die for tho, and I love it! The Mac ‘n Cheese? Awesome.

There are many places I still need to try. Places that just sound really funny, like “Lizard’s Thicket”.

I just wish there were more healthy choices. We are so spoiled in CA.

I miss going to places like SoupPlantation, or Mimi’s Cafe, Marie Calendars for pie, or even Claim Jumper! I have to drive practically to North Carolina just to go to a Jack in the Box!

I have tons of sandwich places to go to here. The new cool one is called “Which Wich?” They have bags you fill out with the fixin’s you want, and they fill your bag! I also have a “Tropical Smoothie” next door to the salon, which is our version of Jamba Juice.

There are some really good restaurants in this area to be sure, and I have yet to get to many of them, but I am working on it. People here really Love to eat out, and it is very common for people to eat at a restaurant 4 days a week.

I don’t want this to sound like a bad review of SC food, I just have a limited diet, and there aren’t as many choices for me here as there were in CA.

If you come here, there are GREAT places to eat, and I will take you to any of them!

Or we could just go to Waffle House! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad, and the Fried.

  1. I agree living a certain place does limit your choices. I live in new hampshire up north before moving to nevada and i can def. say that out west the restaurants are plentiful and more healthy choices. We practically had nothing in new hampshire. No waffle house, No marie callander's nothing but a olive garden and a McDonald's. Sure is nice to live where you have lots going on!!

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