Interesting Week

Hey all!
It’s been an interesting week to say the least.

I always have this blog in the back of my mind, and know I need to update, but when it comes down to it…what to say?

I know I owe you some more South Carolina life stories, (and they are coming) but first I’m gonna tell you this……

This week, Chris and I bought a new sofa! Woo! lol
Long story, but we NEEDED one, so said my back. Found one, went to pick it up, got it home, started removing plastic, HOLE. Right there. On the arm. Crap.

Back to store, of course there aren’t any more there….But Value City Furniture made good and delivered our new sofa 2 days later for free, and it was PERFECT! YAY!
Man oh man, it’s soooo nice to have new furniture!
Behold. Our sofa…

So, the very day the sofa was delivered, I went out with the manager of the salon to find decorations for our product displays at work. We were driving to lunch when I mentioned to her I had been thinking of getting a new car, that I had been researching, and emailing dealers, etc…. She says…”let me call my guy”.

“He has a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser, Fully loaded, leather, sun roof, turbo, auto, power, etc, etc, 35,000 miles. *Great price*.” WHOA.

“Can we go look at it?” I ask.

Yeah, I drove it home that night, brought the Civic to him the next day, and now I have a *new* car!

Some of you may know, I have ALWAYS liked PT Cruisers, and I drove one and tried to buy one before deciding on my Civic. Boy am I glad I waited.

It’s beautiful! And while I don’t have a picture of me with it yet, here is basically what it looks like.

I LOVE IT! It’s sooooo fun! I’m having a ball driving it!
That was Thursday, I got home, was checking emails, Chris was doing laundry when all of a sudden he says…”did the dryer stop?”
Dryer took a dump. Dead.
So Today, we bought a new dryer! LOL, GEEZE!
I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of THAT for you, (yet, heheehe) but it should be here tomorrow.
So, it’s been an interesting week, to say the least, but we have lots of fun new stuff!
What did YOU do this week? 😉
Love you all!


2 thoughts on “Interesting Week

  1. So very glad to see you move up in the world to Mopars and a PT Cruiser to boot! WOO HOOBut Red, that will catch the eye of every cop on the road, you should have gotten Gold like mine! LOLYou will love it more and more as they are great little cars for around town or on trips.

  2. Man oh man, you two have had a spendy week or so! All fun stuff too. Ok, so the dryer is fun because wearing wet clothes is no fun. And wearing line dried clothes, while they smell good they’re kinda stiff.

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