Spring ’09

Spring has sprung in the Carolinas. The flowers are blooming, and the trees are almost all full now. We really do have a beautiful Spring here.
I planned to but didn’t get a picture of the pollen (pine) that blankets everything in yellow. Even the rain doesn’t wash it away, it just makes pools of yellow water! You really have to see it to know. So far I haven’t developed allergies, but that’s a whole lotta pollen to try and fight.

April was a very busy month. Tons of April Birthdays, including MINE! :)Anthony, Emily, Olivia, Nancy, Richard and Brandon. Happy Birthday!
Also Happy Anniversary to Malcolm and Danielle, Anthony and Karianne, and Mom and Tom!
For my birthday, Chris and I went to Charleston to see my favorite comedian Brian Regan! It was great for me that he was here in SC! It was the first time I have ever seen him at an auditorium, and was surprised that he took requests for his encore! It was Chris’ first time seeing him live, and he really had a good time.
The next day was another gift to see my friend Melanie and her son who were here visiting from Ohio.

April also took me to Minnesota to see Mom and Tom! It was a fun weekend seeing them, their new home, and be there for their Anniversary!
We had a good time playing Bingo and Poker, and Mom did best out of all of us, at BOTH! ha!

This month is restful as I gear up for my first trip to Florida!
I’m going to the “Premiere” Hair show in Orlando, the first weekend of June. I am driving, and looking forward to the scenery along the way! I don’t plan to go to Disney World this trip, but maybe I will see it! All I know is….it’s gonna be HOT!

The heat is coming on here now, and I am not looking forward to Summer, but it’s slower coming this year, so I am grateful.

Chris is off this Monday, as it is (get this) Confederate Memorial Day.
State employees get the day off. We plan to see the new Star Trek movie! Neither of us are “Trekkies” but it looks great, and is getting good reviews, so let’s go!

We hope you all are happy and healthy, and I want to wish all the Mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day! Love you Mom!!


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