Hair Show and Thunderstorms

Well, Summer is rapidly approaching, and the usual thunderstorms have started. We unplug our computers, but I have the trusty laptop, so I can work offline. Also, being Summer, there’s nothing on tv. I have lots to update, so here goes.

Last month I went to Asheville, NC. Its been on my list for a while, and I finally made it up. Asheville is is in the Western part of NC. Only about an hour and a half from Columbia. It’s at the start of the Blueridge mountains, and is famous for the Biltmore house, the largest house in America, with more than 250 rooms. It’s a very ecclectic town. Sort of hippie, college, artsy, San Fransisco-y feeling town. I just went up for the day, to say I’ve been, and check it out.

I shopped, walked, and took just a couple of pictures. Mostly of churches, since they were the most interesting thing I saw.

I went to a great Indian food restaraunt for lunch, and found a really cool bead shop and went into an old 5 and dime that has been turned into a cool place with individual stalls for artists to sell there wares. I didn’t make it to the Biltmore, because people tell me that it takes all day to see everything, and it’s a bit expensive. Next time.

I’ve been looking forward to this month for some time, because of the Premiere hair show in Orlando! Last year, I had just started at Image Makers, and couldn’t afford to go. Co-worker Christine and I were the only ones from the salon that didn’t go. This year, we were the only ones TO go. And she now works at another salon!
I drove down by myself, which normally wouldn’t bother me, but I hit a particularly bad thunderstorm in Jacksonville. It’s very stressful when you can’t see, and you don’t know the area, but I made it through, and was on my way through flat, but lush Florida. Met up with Christine, and we went to the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk. It’s the biggest one in the world (so says the waiter) and I believe him. We had a good dinner, and fun driving around the town.
The hair show was the biggest I have ever been to, and I was told my whole career that Long Beach was the biggest hair show in the country. hmmmm

The big highlights for me were the Nick Arrojo razor class, and the Paul Mitchell color class. I made both, and was really inspired! I love Nick Arrojo. (he’s the stylist from the tv show “What Not to Wear”, for those who don’t know)

I got a few tools, and saw a lot of cool stuff, and some really BAD hair do’s on the attendees! lol
Sunday night I went to the “Stylist Choice Awards”. It’s an awards show for hair care products, voted on by stylists. I kid you not. It was really lame, but all the top name hair gurus were there, and I got a gift bag with 16 full size products to try for the price of admission.
I get so inspired after hair shows I can’t wait to get back and start doing hair! Alas, I returned to all men’s haircuts! Figures. No matter, I will continue my education, and keep trying to update myself and my clients!
Now I can check Florida off my list! I didn’t see Disney World, that will have to be another trip. All in all, a good time.
5 more weeks until I go to CA! I can’t wait to see all of my family and friends! Until then, I love you all, and hope you are well and happy!

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