California, here I come!

Right back where I started from….
Hey everyone!
It is the eve of my first trip back to California since moving to SC!
I am so very excited to see everyone, and so sad I didn’t give myself NEAR enough time to do and see everything and everyone I want to.

My only explanation is that when I was living in CA, I literally could not afford to take more than 5 days off of work, so I always worked my vacations into long weekends. I kind of carried that over to here, and since I found such good airfare 9 months before I would actually go….I didn’t realize I had that much time to save, and make sure I could take a nice, long trip for a proper visit.
So, I am cramming all I can into a short 4 day trip (the 5th day is travel).

If I don’t get to see you this trip I am sorry, BUT, I am happy to announce, that I found an equally good airfare to bring me back for a PROPER weeks visit in December! YAY! Details to follow, I haven’t even left for THIS trip yet! lol

Chris and I are doing really well, and surviving the heat of Summer much better than last year this time, when we had just finished moving into our new Apartment!

Work is slow, as always in the Summer, with kids home, and family vacations, but it’s steady. Many changes going on at the salon, but I am interested to see how things pan out.
It’s the perfect time for a trip home to see family and friends!

I finally got a new camera! Yes, yes, I am officially in the digital age now!
It’s a Canon, to replace my Canon film camera. I can use my old lenses on the new camera which is very cool. I can’t wait to get pictures of the kids, and everyone! Here I am…

I am most looking forward to…(besides SEEING everyone)… REAL Mexican Food, Souplantation, cooler weather with no humidity, the FAIR!, the B-52’s concert!!, meeting Miss Catie Craycroft, Jack in the Box, the Pacific Ocean, and the sense of being “home”.
I can’t wait to be there! See many of you tomorrow! or days from now, and many more in December!
Love you all.

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