Hello from hot and humid South Carolina!

I had a great whirlwind trip to California! 4 very full days of visiting, and catching up! I wanted to wait until everyone got their photos before I wrote about the trip. I want to post some of the pictures here, but didn’t want this to be the first place you saw them!
Everything went as planned, and I couldn’t be happier that everyone was available to come out and play with me! 🙂
My flights were smooth, and I have learned that curbside check-in is my friend! When I got to Charlotte, there were 4 missionary groups trying to check in the same time I was. I’m not a big stress person, but I get a little stressed before a flight until I am through security.
Landed in LA, picked up my car, and jumped into traffic (2pm) headed to Orange County! I got to see everyone at Maxwells Salon, except for Shannon and Rob. pssshhh. What_Ever. hehehe
Then to Danielle and Malcolm’s where I got to meet their sweet, and adorable little Catie!
I think she is the happiest baby on the planet, and I got to see her crawling and pulling herself up the sofa. She is going to be a baby on the run soon. She was the first muse for my new camera!
Got to relax and change before Anthony and Karianne came over to go to SouPlantation with us! It’s their daughter Gillian’s and my favorite salad bar! I miss the food there so….

I had a nice time catching up, and sitting at the table sharing a meal, made me realize how much I really miss my friends. I thought how nice it would be to pick them up and take them home with me! Little Miss Gillian wasn’t feeling well, and I’m sorry we didn’t have more time together, but turns out she had the flu! Poor Sweetie. She’s all better now. I love the picture she drew for me, and her ballerina photo!

The next day was the OC Fair and my neice and nephew Emily and Jackson!
Eric brought the kids down, and we enjoyed the rides, games, animals, and the mister they got to cool us down! I’m glad I wore Catie’s 70+ sunscreen that day! It was so great to see them, and it was totally worth lugging the camera around for all the awesome pictures I got of our time together!
I had to leave the fair and get back to Danielle’s for a fun BBQ with some more friends, and get ready for the B-52’s concert! YAY! I’d been looking forward to that for months! Danielle, Malcolm and I met up with our friend Stephanie, and we had a great time, as the band never disappoints! They still rock! So fun! Thanks guys!

Monday I left OC, and went down to San Diego county to see Ann and family, then to Julie’s that evening. I had a very nice visit with Ann, and it was great to catch up with her one on one, until her grand babies came home!

I got to see all of the kids this trip, and it warms my heart to see them so grown up, and happy! I missed the rest of her family, but I got to see Sandy, and look forward to coming back in December, for a full days visit!

Off to Julie’s in Oceanside, and the cool ocean breeze! It was great to see my Sister!

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They have such a great house, and their new kitchen is fantastic! Greg did an awesome job! Everyone was home (which was a feat with teenagers!) and again, it was great to see the kids! I can’t believe how grown up and tall the boys are! Ay carumba! When did that happen?!?

Soon after I arrived, so did my friend Flicka and her 2 daughters! WOW are they grown up now too!

We had a great time sitting around in the kitchen, talking, laughing, catching up, snacking, and laughing some more. A nice Surprise was my friend Sharon coming by to visit after work. I feel very blessed that my friends went out of their way to come visit with me. It was so fun to just sit and talk like no time had passed. We cracked up, and took lots of fun pictures. A fun night.

Tues was my last day, and no shortage of things to do. Off to Laguna Beach to meet with my high school Spanish teacher Andrea, which was a last minute treat to have some tea there at Main Beach. I do miss the Pacific. Then lunch with my friend Frankie, and a little shopping, before jumping back onto the freeway headed back to LA and my cousin Nancy’s house! Are YOU tired yet?

We had a nice visit alone before the family got home, and we all went out to Casa Vega for Mexican. I got a good fill of Mexican food this trip. I should be ready again in December! It was really nice to be just hanging out there. No parties, no more people coming over, just some actual down time so I could regroup, and repack for the morning. Family is good for that. You don’t feel like company, that has to be entertained. I love that.

Up the next morning early to get the rental car returned, and to the airport for curb-side check in, security, and *sigh* I made it! Now I just relax until my flight. I had a great time in CA, and was ready to go home. I wish I had more time, but I sure made the time I had count!

I was ready to be home to my man, my bed, my shower, etc.

I just love flying into the Carolinas, with all the trees and rivers. From the air it’s just beautiful! We got in early, and I was on my way, when a MASSIVE thunderstorm started. GREAT.
The lightning was so bright, I had to put my sun visor down! It was really bad in parts, and I could only go about 45mph. It took me a good 2+ hours to get home. 😦 Only to have it raining so hard at home I couldn’t even get out of the car! Chris put on his swim trunks and came out to greet me. I parked in the loading zone, left my bags in the car, and we made a mad dash for it!

SHEW! What a long day! So glad to be home. Needless to say I slept very well that night! Good planning to take the next day off.
Thank you again to everyone who let me stay with them, and to everyone who took time out to come eat, play, or hang out with me! I had a great time, and look forward to seeing those of you I didn’t get to see when I return in December!

I love you all. Thanks for reading all of this!


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  1. Hi Kelly,It would have been nice to have seen you while we were in OC, but we were off by a weekend. I'm so glad you had a great time, and your pictures are great. Have fun with you new camera. I have a digital SLR, too. I think I need to take a class to use all the features! Trent says, "hi." Give Chris a hug.Brandon

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