Update for Fall

It’s Autumn again, and I think it’s been too long since I’ve written! Lots going on, time just gets away from me.

August was relatively quiet, and marked a couple of anniversaries for me. My 3 year quit smoking anniversary, and a year since I quit Starbucks. I don’t miss either, except for my co-workers from Starbucks! I miss how Starbucks USED to be. Back when all they cared about was coffee, and not trying to make one thing for everyone.
Recently the weather has gotten good enough for us to go out and enjoy the zoo, and I have really been into taking lots of photos with my new camera!

Here’s Krissy the giraffe, and
Chris feeding the Lorikeets.

I went to the butterfly exhibit downtown, and am truly amazed by natures beauty! Lately we’ve been taking drives around town, and looking for things to shoot during our errands!

More recently, the salon I was working for closed. Without getting into all the drama, lets just say the lease was up, and the partners decided to dissolve the partnership.

Luckily I found a really cool place to work, in a very unique setting. Only here in South Carolina (I think) could I find a salon INSIDE a country store! Hard to describe, but it works! It’s called Hello Gorgeous! Isn’t that cute?

A cool old barn looking building, that the owner built a salon in the middle of for a lady that had been looking for a new place to work about a year ago. As fate would have it, she was ready for another stylist to join her, and as she was calling the newspaper to place an ad, my co-worker Jeanie was on the line calling her for a job! She got TWO new stylists, and we are all cozy and happy in our new place.

Here is my room in the salon, and the outside of the building.
We share the store with the owner who makes sausages from his father’s recipe, and 2 guys who make pastries for local restaraunts, and cakes for weddings and parties.

I have also been getting back into yoga, and am really enjoying it. I found a cool studio here and feel better after every session.

Also keeping healthy by having my first colonoscopy since moving here to SC. I have been seeing a very good Gastrointerologist, and he was kind enough to give me a free colonoscopy since I don’t have insurance. It was just this past Friday, and aside from the yuckie prep, it went really well! I am happy to report that I had NO polyps! This is great news since I had to have my surgery due to a cancerous polyp. He did put me on a flash dose of prednisone, but it’s only 20 days, and does a good job getting the inflammation down, so I can deal with that.
That’s it really for now. I am happy to share my photos with you if you want to see my favorites, go to this link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flair4hair/

I am feeling very blessed, and grateful for all I have.

I love you all, hope to see many of you this December, until then, enjoy your Autumn, and tell me what you’re going to be for Halloween! 🙂

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