November?! Already?!

Oh man, I’m a big slacker! It’s been way too long, and I’m sorry. I have no good reason. It’s pure laziness.
I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving week already! Happy Thanksgiving!
I’m going to recap before I go into what I’m Thankful for.
You know, if I did this more often, I wouldn’t have so much to type! sheesh.
I’m feeling great after the colonoscopy and treatment. Yoga and walking also keep me feeling good.
October is Fair time here, and you know I loves me some Fair! 🙂 Chris and I went on the first dry day after the fair opened. So did EVERYONE else! It was fun tho, I brought my camera.
We ate the pre requisite fried food: deep fried mushrooms this year. (I just can’t do the Oreos, Snickers, chocolate covered bacon, etc.) And, as is tradition, we shared some funnel cake at the end. 🙂
We watched the crazy kids on those spinny, whirly, upside-down rides knowing how only the young can endure that! I swear tho, the look on this one kids’ face as he came down on that free fall ride was worth the price of admission. We ROARED with laughter.
The only ride we like is the Ferris wheel. I like the view from above, and it’s slow.
Anyway, I took some really cool photos, and then textured a couple (I’ll tell you later) to make them look ‘old timey’! They came out so good that I made “The Daily Click” (photo of the day) on Shutter Sisters (an Internet photo site) for Nov. 1st! Here they are
Business was VERY slow at the end of October, beginning of November. As a way to not get discouraged, and stay creative, I poured myself into photography. I feel it keeps creativity flowing in my life, and it’s fun!
I am constantly saying, so forgive me if it’s too much, how Beautiful this State is! Well, this Fall has been AMAZING! I really am like a 6 year old discovering all the cool nature here! I see mushrooms and I say “COOL!” I found this whole mossy ecosystem growing on the side of a boulder, and I was just sooo happy!
I have been to the Riverbanks Botanical gardens twice now, where I have seen the most gorgeous flowers, some for the first time! (seriously, like a 6 year old!)
I love my camera, and I love nature. God is great.
I have been quite zealous about getting good shots, so much so that I threw my back out! It’s much better now, but I am still sore in my lower back, and very much look forward to a massage with Frankie when I come to CA!
I have many new photos up, and was a finalist again with this photo

on a fellow bloggers monthly “pix” contest! It really is a great feeling when people like and appreciate your art.

Flickr has been the most incredible thing for me lately. It is a photo sharing site online. (mentioned in previous post) That’s where I learned more about texturing, and get a lot of my inspiration. I have taught myself a lot, and I’m pretty proud of some of my work! If there was something I wanted to learn, I would Google it, and find a tutorial. There is A LOT to learn.
I am using Photoshop Elements, and that is where the ‘enhancing’ takes place. 🙂

My friend Anthony suggested that I make a book of my textured photos, so I have! When I get it, and see what it’s like, I’ll either make them available for sale, or start all over again! 🙂
I could go on and on about flowers, nature, photography, textures, Flickr and all of that for days, so I’ll just say, go see my photos if you get a chance, and feel free to comment on anything you like!

Now the phone is ringing again (Thank God) and I am getting busier at the salon as the holidays near.
I am doing many things to get busier. Connie and Jeanne are helping by introducing me to people in Lexington. Hopefully, I will soon be busy again in my new location.

Chris and I are headed to Beaufort for Thanksgiving, and will stay for a couple of days. I am Thankful for so many things. My health, and the health of my family and friends mostly.
Our dear friend Ann is battling cancer, and we are praying for her health, and comfort. I am thankful for my home and all the beauty that surrounds me. I am Thankful for my boyfriend and the love and support he gives me. And I am thankful for all that God has provided for me.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

One last thing…I’m coming back to CA in less than 3 weeks! WOO HOO! Get excited people! lol
I can’t wait to see many of you. Dec 9th to 16th.

Love you all!


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