New year 2010

New year 2010
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It’s New year’s eve, and we are home. Warm and snug in our robes and flannel pants! We’re gonna graze, watch some tv, and have a glass of champagne to ring in the new year! (IF we can make it to 12! lol)
I don’t feel melancholy at this time of year, just hopeful for the promise of the new year. I wish everyone Health, Happiness, Prosperity, and Love for the coming year.

Chris and I had a wonderful, quiet Christmas at home. We didn’t travel anywhere, which was nice. We missed our families, but we were happy to just be home. We hope you had nice holidays as well.

I am so happy and grateful I was able to visit California twice last year! It was so nice to see my friends and family. I am glad that recent events waited until I was done to happen, and now I may not be flying until restrictions are lessened.

I am hoping to get busier at the salon. In my down time I will continue to take pictures and grow as a photographer!
I should have a book with my textured photos ready to sell soon!
I have sold 4 of my photos already! 🙂 I know it sounds small, but I am so tickled that people like my photos!

I am enjoying Winter, and hope that this is the year we get some snow! Chris keeps telling me it happens…hehehe He says we live in the “no snow zone”. The storms come to just about an hour West of us, and then go up and over to North Carolina! GRRRR
I think we have the best chance this year, because it’s been so wet. You bet I will take pictures if it does!

We love you all! Please be safe out there!
Happy New Year!

Chris and Kelly


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