Somber day

It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you Ann Cunningham passed away yesterday after a valiant battle against cancer.
Those of you who know me, have no doubt heard of Ann, and to those of you who had never met her, all I can say is, I wish you had.
She was so many things to so many people. Mother, Friend, Sponsor, Grandmother, Mentor, Teacher, etc. and surrogate to many. She helped so many people battle their addictions and pain, always with the perfect awareness of what was needed. Humor, anger, kindness, sternness, or grandiosity.
Whatever the case, SHE was the one who gave unconditional love in the truest meaning of the term. Never judging, always accepting. She tried to teach us all to be our best selves.
She did all she could to prepare us for this day, still thinking of others up until the end. My family and I are so blessed for having had her in our lives, and grateful for all of her generosity and love.
She was truly one of God’s angels and she will be greatly missed.

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