Catch up

Here I am!

Happy Spring all! This second day is rainy for us, and makes it a good day to catch up on my blog.
I guess I’ll start at the beginning. January was a new beginning, for sure. I left the salon in the Lexington Country Store, as it was just too isolated for me. I still need to build here, and there were really no walk ins there, let alone the fact that it was hard to know there was a hair salon inside, etc…
I found a cute new salon in West Columbia, WAY closer to home, with big windows and more visibility, advertising, and stylists. Even a massage therapist! (she’s Really good) A more ‘proper’ salon. I really like it so much better, and it is proving to be more convenient for my existing clients. I have had a few walk ins, and have been reaching out through facebook, and going to business womens meetings to get my name out there! So that’s a HUGE load off the stress wagon! lol
Chris has been a champ, and very supportive during this transition, which I know has stressed him out as well, but we’re on the upside of it now. 🙂
That’s my station up there by the screen and window! Love it! 🙂
We did a photo shoot with all the stylists about a week or so after I started, and then about another week or so later, 3 people quit. :\ We in turn got 4 new stylists! Ha! so, we are full, and going to do another photo shoot next week. Stay tuned.

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