Snow in SC!!

I have never lived anywhere it snows. Well, you know, on my residence. Until NOW!! 🙂

I know many of you are not so happy when it snows, because it stays for months, and can be a mess, but when you don’t get more than an inch of snow in over 7 years, it’s quite something! It was a Friday night, which was great, because it was AFTER most people got home from work, and didn’t have to do much on Saturday.

Chris and I were like little kids! YAY! Snow!!!! OMG! SNOW!! lol I grabbed my camera and we jumped in his truck to go see it! We drove around the neighborhoods behind us and I jumped in and out taking pics! We just loved how beautiful everything was!

We got home and put on more clothes and beanies, and headed out for a walk around the complex! It was coming down GOOD! WE did the happy dance, and went to bed knowing the world would be magically transformed in the morning!

And it was!

I got up early and headed out to catch the sunrise! Oh what a beautiful morning! (sing it!)

I walked all around the complex and took a bajillion pictures! Yes, it’s a number…
I just couldn’t get over how much, and how beautiful it all was with the sun coming up!

So, I came back in, got Chris up, had some more coffee, and told him I really wanted to go to the State House to see it with snow, and he agreed to take me!

The sun had been up just a few hours, it was still before noon, but it wasn’t freezing, so the snow was melting by the hour. We got to the State House to find plenty of snow left on the grounds, but not so much on the dome any more. Beautiful, still, and serene as we walked around the grounds.

It sure is lovely.

We actually had ANOTHER snow in March! It wasn’t much, came late at night, and was gone by the morning, but two snows in one year! Pretty cool for us.

Love you all!


One thought on “Snow in SC!!

  1. Hey, Kelly, these photos are GORGEOUS! How smart of you to go to this beautiful location early. Sounds like you had a great time. Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comments! What you call smell-ography my mom calls smellovision! :)(The plant in the first photo is Winter Daphne. Enjoy your Bradford pear blossoms! Two of my 40 foot Bradfords are sick and I'm heartbroken.)

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