pollen daze

pollen daze
Originally uploaded by Flair4hair

Spring has sprung here in the South!

With all the beautiful flowers and color returning to the world, so comes the pollen. The dreaded sneeze inducing, car covering, yellow dust that blankets EVERYTHING!

You can rinse your car, but within hours, it’s covered again. It’s palpable. I felt like I was looking at Los Angeles on a smoggy day last week. We usually get a couple of weeks of this each year, but this year it’s BAD. I feel sorry for those who are allergic. I have only had a slight reaction….sniffles, burny eyes…..but I know it’s not like some get.

Coming from California, I would never have understood without seeing, so I took pics for you. This is mostly pine pollen. I will post again with pictures of the culprits, along with all the other beautiful flowers and trees that are currently blooming, and making the world a glorious, colorful place!
(Click on the photo to go to Flickr page and view large on black)

I had a great Easter Birthday! Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes, and gifts!! I feel truly blessed, and grateful.
Love you!


One thought on “pollen daze

  1. Oh, dear, Kelly! I really sympathize with you. My brother lives in Atlanta and sends us photos of his yellow covered car every year. We get a bit of it and I have to run to shut the windows when the wind kicks up and I see a yellow cloud heading towards us! But ours is only for a few days. Hope you have a great week and thank you for your sweet comment. 🙂 xo – g

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