Springtime flowers

Happy Spring!

So, all the pollen is gone, and now we can enjoy the nice sunny days, and the cool nights and mornings! For a minute there, I thought we were going straight into Summer, but the temps backed off, and it has just been heavenly here!

The flowers here are just amazing, and since I got my new camera, I am noticing EVERYTHING! The blooming trees, the shrubs that bloom! The azaleas, the wisteria, so many flowers that are new to me!
I have learned so much about flowers since being on Flickr, and also from our local zoo/botanical gardens! I got myself an annual pass for my birthday, and I have been going whenever I get a chance!

One of the things I really like about the gardens here is how they change things up, not in the obvious way of planting new things, but they change the decorations. Planters, kids area, and even where you catch the tram down to the zoo! It’s refreshing. I take many of my flower shots there at the gardens, but I find so many just driving around town. The neighborhood behind us, (like Bill and the camellias) and the neighborhoods around the salon.

I thought I’d show you some of the flowers I’ve just discovered. I’m sure many of you know and have seen many of these, but I hadn’t and the point of my blog is to share new stuff! 🙂



Anise flower/stinkbush! can you believe they call this a stinkbush?! (it’s not stinky to my recollection)

                         Muscari/grape hyacinth
so many kinds of azaleas,
And the wildflowers like


             mountain laurel
and violet wood sorrel!
So many beauties! I love learning about them.
The flowering trees will have to be another post!  They are amazing too!
I hope you are all having a nice Spring, and enjoying the flowers and green all around you!
Happy May day!  

3 thoughts on “Springtime flowers

  1. Oh, golly, so much beauty, Kelly!!! You've done a beautiful job capturing all these amazing plants. Having a botanical garden nearby is just heavenly, isn't it? But I agree, just driving around the neighborhood is a terrific source of material, too. Love the snowdrop, the hellebore and the clematis. And you remind me I meant to plant a mountain laurel this year. They are marvelous plants. Have a super day. xo – g

  2. thanks for finding me so that I could in turn find you! your flower shots are wonderful – you look like you really enjoy photography. We definitely have that in common!have a fabulous week,xx

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