Summer is upon us!

Here in the South it feels less like there are days to go, and more like it’s here. HOT. Humid. Two of my least favorite words. šŸ˜¦

But, the a/c is working, keeping us sane, and the things we like about Summer are making it tolerable.
Things like fruit, the beach, vacations, longer days, etc….

Since I last wrote, I had that root canal. My first, and hopefully last for a good while. I think my anxiety was WAY worse than the actual procedure. I mean, it really wasn’t all that terrible. The endodontists now have topical anesthetics to ease that first shot, electronic ‘wands’ that deliver novocaine (numbing me to my EYE), little ‘bridge’ things to rest your jaw, and being able to bring your iPod is priceless!
I had all kinds of things in my mouth but still managed to convey to the Doc that ‘dit ih da bet roo canaw I eba ha!!’ LOL!
I sure was sore the next day tho…. One more visit to remove the plug, patch the crown, and hopefully that’s the last of the medical stuff for this year!

June has started in a fun way, with the first weekend being a photo weekend.

iHeartfaces is a blog/website mostly for photographing Mom’s, but the tutorials, and freebies are enjoyed by everyone. They had a PhotoWalk on the 5th of June across the country, with groups in many major cities, including Columbia, SC and Orange County, CA! šŸ™‚

We met from 9-11am, and it was nice to meet other photogs from this area. We walked Main St. down to the Statehouse, and took pics of whatever we saw. One woman in our group (Jennifer) showed up 9 months pregnant 4cm dialated!! That’s dedication! lol (not to worry, there is a hospital one block off Main St). It must have helped tho, she delivered Sunday night! She was our model for a bit on a really cool bench in the old arcade mall. For photo people reading, it was the first time I ever shot in Manual. ONLY. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and I kept it up all weekend.

I think it’s fun to be a tourist in your own town. Get out there and walk around! You see all kinds of things you might never know existed!! I know it was cool for Chris (when I came to visit) to see his State and town through the eyes of someone who’s never seen it before.
Right after the walk, I went home, gathered my things and Chris and we drove out to Beaufort. We stayed with Chris’ Mom, and had a fun family night on Saturday with his Sister, brother in law, and neice. We love to laugh.
Sunday morning I had a photo ‘play date’ with my flickr friends Tina and her daughter Melissa! They are so fun.
We went to Hunting Island State Beach, and then all around Beaufort to their favorite spots for me to photograph! šŸ™‚

I’m very much looking forward to them coming out to visit me next month, when we’ll go to the botanical gardens and the butterfly exhibit!

It was a fun but tiring weekend.

Hands up if you’re watching the World Cup!!! šŸ™‚

I feel just as excited about the WC as I do about the Olypics! I love watching National teams compete. Soccer is a pretty cool game. Hockey on grass for me! heheh

I want to wish a Happy Birthday to all friends and family born in June!

I hope you are all staying cool, and ready to have a great Summer!


3 thoughts on “Summer is upon us!

  1. Hi Kelly! This looks like so much fun!!! What a great weekend. I soo want to come to Beaufort with you and Tina. Maybe some day. Have a super weekend. šŸ™‚ ā€“Ā g

  2. Oh, I just love your blog Kel – and hanging out with you – we always have the most fun!! Just read Georgianna's post – would be great if she could come "play" with all of us – she's so sweet!!

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