Summer Vacation!

Last weekend Chris and I went to Myrtle Beach for a little vacation! His brother rented a house for the whole family to get together. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths for 12 people! We had 19 when Chris’ Uncle, Aunt, and cousins came over! 🙂 It was FUN! It was also our first official vacation together!
We stayed at a place called Ocean Lakes Campgrounds and it is HUGE! 310 acres of houses, RV spaces, camping, and people! (we were in C4 see map…one block from the beach) They have an arcade, a small miniature golf course, a big pool and (the coolest) kiddie pool, horseshoes, basketball, shuffleboard, etc, etc… Tons of stuff to do, when it’s not a billion degrees outside, and it was a billion degrees outside. (it felt like it) And HUMID. I have never felt that much humidity ever. Just being outside for a couple of minutes my feet were wet in my flops!

Anyway, it was hot, but we were at the beach. 🙂

I was really excited to see what the beach was like on the East Coast, and there are a few differences.

1. The dunes and dune fences. The dune fences are so cool, and I loved taking pictures of them. They were the main subjects of my pictures.  (I did a whole series of dune shots you can see on my Flickr page)

2. Small waves, warmer and shallower water. I think it’s the continental shelf, but you can walk out quite a ways before having to swim, unlike in CA, but not as far out as Hawaii.

3. More shells on the shore. You know how in CA as the tide goes out you can find the sand crabs by the V’s in the sand? Well here, there are air holes, and if you dig, you find little bean clams! They’re alive and have little mollusks in there, and if you set it down, you’ll see it scoot itself back down into the sand! It’s fun! I found a video on YouTube if you want to see it.

4. People go down early and set up canopies and chairs. Not just umbrellas like I’m used to, but good size canopies.

Now at this place, the golf cart is KING. Everyone has at least one. We rented 2. We parked some of our cars in overflow parking, and from then on, it was walk or cart! We had so much fun out in these carts!

It was a fun way to see the whole grounds, and cool down with the wind in your face! Some people own some over the top golf carts, and we could see some of these during the nightly teenager golf cart ‘cruzin’ up and down Ocean Blvd! HAHAHA! it was so funny!! from about 7:30 pm til 11:00 pm (curfew) a constant parade (hundreds!!) of golf carts full of kids holding out their hands for ‘five’ and teenagers being ‘seen’. One night Chris and I tried to get in it, but by the time we found the end of the line, (far away) we sat, thought better of the whole thing, and took off. So funny.

I loved getting up early with my camera and jumping in a golf cart to go looking for places to take pictures. Then sometimes Chris and I would go out alone or with others to just cruise around. It was nice at sunset too.
So we hung out with family, ate, went down to the water, swam, picked up shells, played poker, went to the arcade, cruised, took pics, and had a nice relaxing time until we left on Tuesday.
Chris had the rest of the week off, and I was back to work on Weds. It was a lovely, and I’m so thankful to Chris’ brother and family for such a fun time!
(ugh, I know this is a terrible pic of me, but wanted you to see our group!)

I hope you are all having a nice Summer, and tho I hear SoCal had a short heatwave, I hear it’s quite cool at the moment, and I would like to say 😛
I still hope to come back for next Summer and the Fair. Go say Hi to the Fair for me!

XOXO! Kelly


One thought on “Summer Vacation!

  1. Gosh, Kelly, I'm out of breath just reading this! Sounds like a really wonderful and memorable time. Just what summers are for! Thanks for sharing all the fun. xo – g

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