Fair 2010

Oh boy. Busy busy! So much to tell. I’ll have to do two posts, but first I’ll start with the Fair! 🙂


OK, so- as you may or may not know, I entered a photo in the Fair this year. I entered my textured Fair image from last year.
Long story short, I didn’t get hung. 😦 Turns out the judge this year was treating it like a fine art show, instead of a State Fair, and stopped judging at one point, saying he was done, and leaving a whole wall that was usually covered, empty. Many of the workers were disappointed, and they had more complaints this year than ever.
Better luck next year. It was a personal goal of mine just to enter, and I’m still happy I did.
I went on opening day, thinking I was going to see my photo, but since it wasn’t up, I went out and took more pictures!
This “swings ride” image processed with Florabella texture “allure”
from the first texture collection. All Florabella actions and textures are FABULOUS!  You can check them out here: Florabella Actions & Textures http://www.florabellacollection.com/ 
It was a beautiful day, and not too crowded as it was a Weds. afternoon. I wandered around the exhibits, admiring the displays, flowers and the sand sculpture they do each year.
Chris and I went back one evening, and I got some first time night shots. I don’t have the exposure settings just right yet, but I got some that I really liked!
This years’ crazy food item was a Krispy Kreme doughnut burger! EWWW! doesn’t that sound just disgusting?! gah, I really don’t know how anyone could think that is a good idea. EVER. lol
I have to have my yearly funnel cake, and Chris and I will partake in some fried mushrooms, but Fair food is mostly b_a_d.
(Except for these ?)

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