The second part is about new beginnings, and new adventures!

I had a very fun adventure last weekend with my flickr friends, Tina and her daughter, Melissa. We had been trying to get a trip to Savannah together for months, and it finally happened!
I met Tina on Flickr (the photo sharing site I use), when I realized she was living in Beaufort! That’s where Chris is from and where his mother still lives. So last Thanksgiving, we met and had a fun photo day walking around Beaufort. They are so nice and fun, and we feel like family.


I was glad to have a girl’s weekend, and get to go explore a new ‘land’.

Savannah is gorgeous, and I loved the perfect mix of old and new. Historic and modern. They showed me all around, and took me to their favorites.
Squares, architecture, shops, the river, history.
Paris Market and Brocante,

and Nourish…

We walked Broughton street, and had lunch at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s pizza.
Then down to River Street.
I love the old buildings, they have so much character and history.
The girls knew the trolley routes, so they drove me around the squares and read me the information from the Internet! πŸ™‚  (I love ingenuity.)

Forsyth park is quite impressive, and the fountain is the perfect center piece.

The homes downtown are also Historical, and beautiful. I would love to stay in any one of these! This the Magnolia House Inn, owned by the Savannah College of Arts and Design, which is very prominent throughout the city.


My other news is that I got a part time seasonal job at The Picture People!  It’s a portrait studio in the mall.  I started Monday, and am still training, but I think it will be fun.
It’s more about sales than I figured, but that’s retail for ya.  I’m just hoping to learn something while making a little extra money.  I’ll keep you posted.  Of COURSE as soon as I got the other job I started getting busier at the salon.  It’s that time, and we’re gearing up for the holidays.
After the first of the year, I will re-evaluate all jobs and decide if changes need to be made. 

Thank you for all your comments and support.  I really appreciate all of your encouragement, and for buying calendars.

Have a great Halloween weekend. We’re not doing much, just football and housework.  What about you? Dressing up? Going out?

Love you all!


4 thoughts on “Savannah!

  1. Hi Kelly! I've been waiting to read this post as a treat with my Sunday coffee! First of all, I love seeing the photo of you three together! Yay, reality! And I adore your photos of Savannah. Reading about your trip just made me more desperate to get there soon! I guess winter is no good so it will have to be spring. Congrats on all your work opportunities and I hope they are very successful. Happy Halloween! xo – g

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