Happy Hollydays!!


Just a quick note before I have to go.  I know it’s been too long, and lots has been going on.
First, I have to tell you that woman at the salon quit! She left on Black Friday!
It has been so much more peaceful at work, and I have been SUPER busy! 🙂
Next, I Finally got an iPhone!! YAY!  I love it. I got the 3GS, and had to change to AT&T, sorry Verizon, I couldn’t wait any longer.  If you’re an iPhone user, and you play ‘words with friends’ let’s play! 🙂 (it’s a scrabble game app) My username is Imskrappy.
I can finally get rid of my Palm Pilot, (it’s been a great tool).
Not too terribly much time to take pictures, but I’ve managed a couple here and there. 
We had a lovely Thanksgiving in Beaufort with Chris’ Mom and family.

Hi! 🙂

It’s been literally FREEZING here. Most of the country is colder than usual, and it’s REALLY cold for us in the South. Lows in the teens some nights. brrr!
I hope we get snow again this Winter.
OK, last, but not least, it’s official, I’m OLD. Yep, I have finally had to break down and buy a pair of magnifying glasses! LOL Dang it!  I seriously can’t see little print!  It just gets to the point where your arm just isn’t long enough, or even far away doesn’t really feel right.  Yeah…*sigh* A trip to the eye Dr. is coming, and I really don’t want bi-focals, but I’m gonna have to figure something out.
So there you have it….a quick update until a good, long Christmas – end of the year – post can be made properly.
Love you all. Stay warm, and Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “Happy Hollydays!!

  1. Hi Kelly!I pretty much knew that woman would quit. 🙂 So glad you have an improved work environment.And super glad that you got an iPhone, even though you now join us poor souls using AT&T. I heard about the cold weather in the South, so unusual, isn't it? And I know what a drag it is to get reading glasses. I've had mine a few years now – so many years in front of the computer hasn't helped. Wishing you a great weekend. xo – g

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