I know, it’s been an age again since I’ve written.

I’m sorry, but I kept thinking something was going to happen and I was saving myself! lol
Well, now I have a lot to report, and as usual, I am playing catch up!

So, we got another snow in January, and it was fun, but this time we had ice the next day, and while it makes for pretty pictures, it’s pretty dangerous too. We ended up having 3 ‘snow days’ of no work. (Chris had 3, I had 2)

My hunt for a new salon was on, and I was going on interviews and searching in earnest. It really is different out here, and I was excited and then disappointed with some options. Others were good, but too far away, and not exactly what I needed. People don’t realize all the factors involved in moving. They just know when I move, and don’t know the planning and painstaking that go into the decision.

January marked Chris’ Birthday, and my 3 year Anniversary in SC!

Then it was Happy Valentine’s Time!

There is nothing really pretty outside this Winter, so I had to make my own pretty inside to take some pictures. Even the Botanical Gardens had cut WAY back!

More than I have ever seen. I guess the snow/cold was too much?

Something that keeps coming up for me even before I left CA, was the idea of teaching hair or representing a hair color/product line. Since moving here, the message has become stronger, and I have heeded the call. I became open to it, and started looking into it, figuring that if I was meant to, the doors would open.

There are a group of educators here in SC that do the CEU (Continuing Ed) classes I take here to renew my license. Everytime I see them, I think THEY have what I want! I want to be THEM! Great energy, multi-line representation, Good hair, PRACTICAL applications, fun approaches! I want that! So, I found out that they will let you shadow them in their salon, and I made an appointment to do just that. It was a fun, but long day, as I had to get up at 5 to be in Charleston by 8:30.
I spent all day with them, asking questions, watching and talking about hair and teaching. I found out some things, and hope to work with them at the end of the month as an assisitant for the Hair Show in Charlotte! We shall see. I’m staying open to it, and researching.

I searched some more, and there were a couple of conversations with my salon owner that let me know the end was near, but it came down to her finding out I was unhappy that she hired an hourly employee when we didn’t have shampoo at the back bar, or retail to sell our clients. She let me go that day, and I was glad to go.
Within the next 3 hours, I had an interview, and a new salon to go to! 🙂 It was all divinely guided, I’m sure, and it worked out perfectly!
I moved my stuff in the next day, and I will NOT look back!

The new salon is great! Professional atmosphere, 6 stylists (including me), massage, facials, nails, and even tanning! Here is the website if you want to see! It’s called “High Maintenance Day Spa & Salon”!! 🙂

Chris and I are going to move for sure this time. We are looking to rent a house, and that is going to take up most weekends looking. I’ll let you know when we find something!

All part of the “Better” plan for 2011. I’m really hoping my business takes off here at the new place. I will be much more proactive now that I am proud of my shop!
When that is good, everything falls into place.

We are off to Beaufort this weekend, for a little family fun, and I will see my photo friends. Maybe a little photo excursion!
Spring is starting to spring here, and the trees are blooming!!  I think I will do a separate post for that! They are so beautiful!

I love and miss you all. I hope to set some California Summer plans in motion soon! Maybe I will see YOU in July!



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