So a couple of weeks ago I ran down to Charleston to do recon before my trip to CA.
I am flying out of the Charleston airport and I have never been there before, so I wanted to find it, and the long term parking lot, before I go.
I also wanted to go downtown to Charleston and walk around a little bit. See the things I missed the first (and last) time I went.
The third thing I wanted to do was drop by The GATE salon and see some hairstylist friends to talk about the new color line I’m using.

I wandered around downtown Charleston, and went into the City Market. They are doing some construction, but I still got to wander a few stalls.  The new fans they put in must help some in Summer, tho I was already getting hot, and it was not very crowded.

I walked King Street, and had a little lunch before walking down to the Battery, and Battery Park.  Turns out, that was about 18 blocks. UGH! it was like 90+ degrees. 😦  I got some cool window box photos tho, and I’m glad I got to see more, but I really got overheated, and was glad for the breeze down by the water.

I loved the different textures and how preserved all the Historic homes were.  It was just too hot for me.  I will have to go back again in the Spring time and hopefully get some more shots in better weather.
Next, I went to the airport. Uh, yeah, SUPER small airport! lol
It looks really big on the maps, because it’s next to (or shares land with) the Air Force Base.  Well, I’m glad I went, because it will be easy to get to and parking is very close. I won’t need 2 hours before hand. It’s seriously like Orange County airport WAY back. I think 2 terminals. Ha!
Then I went to visit the hair stylist friends, and talked a little shop.
I have switched my color line to Keune.  I hadn’t heard of them before, but they are a Dutch company that’s been around since the 20’s.  I even read they were the first to make a cold wave perm! huh!
They have a new education center opening today actually, in Altanta, GA, where their distribution center is located.  They are excited for an expanding US business, and they will be offering some great support for stylists.  They also have some really innovative technology that is supposed to keep color in the hair longer.  I am excited, and I am loving the results so far! 
This last week I have been super busy at the salon! Yay! I am loving the new place, and hope it keeps getting better! 
I have been adding photos to my etsy store. Go check it out! 
Today I drove out to a photographer friends’ house to pick up some equipment (and get some coaching) to do a newborn session! Yikes! My first.  I’m not that nervous, because they know me and I don’t boast AMAZING results. hehehe
They are clients of mine, a sweet lesbian couple, and I can’t wait to meet their new daughter! 
Hopefully all will go smoothly, and I will ask if I can use a couple of shots to post here. Fingers crossed!
That’s what’s happening here.  We are HOT, and I’m not ready for it.
Coming to CA for a visit in July. I have pretty much every day booked up, but of course I hope to be back again soon to see anyone I don’t get to on this trip.
Hopefully Chris and I will be moving into a house in the next few months, and you can come here and stay with US! πŸ™‚
Be back soon! πŸ™‚

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