Houses, baby (photos), and vacation!

So much going on, I really wanted to post before I leave for California.

I’m so excited to be coming home for a visit!  I can’t wait to see many of your faces, and re-connect with what will always be ‘home’ for me.
I’m sorry if there are some friends/family I won’t be able to see, but I’m excited to see some I haven’t seen at all since I’ve moved.

OK, so last I wrote about doing the newborn shoot. It went really well!  My friend Amanda loaned me all the gear I would need, and that made it so easy.  The tricky part is trying to mold, move, and bend a new little baby!
I know they don’t break, but when they’re not yours, and well, frankly, they don’t WANT to be in the fetal position, it’s a little hard. hahahaha!
This little sweetie was not a big fan of the fetal position, but she is adorable nonetheless, and it was my pleasure to meet her. 🙂

Of course, she was wide awake when we started…of course every OTHER day she was asleep by now… lol

But we soon got her sleeping, and then we had fun.

What a sweet little baby.  I learned a lot, and think it went pretty well for my first time. 🙂
This one is my favorite tho, classic.

I have 2 more children sessions now coming up, and possibly another newborn session in Jan. I may have to start buying some gear. 

The house hunt is on, and last night Chris and I went out for our first looks with our Real Estate agent!  It was good for us to see in person what we liked online..we knew they would be different, but some were REALLY different. (not in a good way, lol)
We found 1 that will be on the short list…and if it had a garage, we probably would have made an offer! ha!  We just started tho, and if that one is meant for us, we will have it. For right now, we are still looking. Very exciting times!

I got home last night to find another photo sale from my etsy shop! I just get so thrilled when someone buys one of my photos! It’s a good feeling.

We are in Full Summer swing here. 90+ everyday, thunderstorms possible or real everyday.
Life is good, and it will be even better next week when I get to CA, and the cooler coastal, NON humid weather! 🙂

Update on Tom:  He is doing much better. Healing from his bypass surgery, and from his unexpected bloody nose episodes! ugh. It’s not always easy for this man.  Keep on sending those healing prayers! 🙂 Thanks.  He’ll be back working before we know it. 

Love and blessings.


3 thoughts on “Houses, baby (photos), and vacation!

  1. The baby photos are gorgeous Kel – you did such a nice job – I'm sure the parents are thrilled! Bet you can't wait to get to CA – I hope you have a blast!! Make sure you take lots of pics to post!! When you coming to BF? Miss you!! hugs – t.

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