California 2011

Where does the time go?!?

Seems like I just got back from California, and was having a really hard time getting back on schedule, but it’s really already been 3 weeks! Yikes! (addendum: WAS 3 weeks, when I first started writing…coming up in 4 now…since we’ve been so busy house hunting, I didn’t get to finish this!)
I had a great time, and really needed to be ‘home’ and reconnecting with friends and family. Tho I love my new life in SC, it’s hard being away from your network of friends and what has been your entire reality for so long. I tell ya, I never felt more popular than since I moved away! hahaha…
I had a very busy, but FUN schedule!
As per usual, I got my bags and rental car, and headed straight for the beach! 🙂 The weather in SC during the Summer is miserable, and to see blue skies, but cool temps just makes me giddy!!
I went to Balboa penninsula, and took some pics, but not for long. I headed to my friend Frankie’s in Laguna. We walked the beach and caught up over some frozen yogurt.
Then to Danielle and Malcolm’s where I would be staying. They took me out for Mexican food, and I was in heaven!! 🙂
The next day I was up and running..breakfast with my Starbucks friends, off to Redondo to see Sharon and Jerry with Bonnie, then back to OC for a Fair preview!
Friday morning was the infamous ‘bike to get coffee’ episode, where I fell into the wall, and spilled coffee all over myself, undoubtedly giving some commuter a great laughing start to their day! LOL funny!
Then out to Riverside to get Rick from the train station, because of course it was “Carmageddon” that weekend! We caught up, saw his parents, and got a little nap in (on cloud beds) before our Licorice Pizza reunion! So much fun! Lots of old friends showed up! We laughed A LOT!! So great to see everyone.
I can’t believe I stayed out until 1:30, and I was whining! hahahaha Guess I got old at some point.
The next day was back on the road to San Diego! I spanned 4 counties this trip!
Met with friends the Curran’s for lunch in Oceanside, and more catching up! I hadn’t met their (beautiful) kids yet!
Had some photo fun with Kim, (she took this rather flattering photo of me) and was off again to see Flicka and family in Escondido!
Spent some time hanging out there, laughing, taking pics, and eating a fabulous meal Tom cooked for us, before heading out to Julie’s for the night.

Had fun at Julie’s with the kids and their friends in the party kitchen, telling stories and watching Adam’s post wisdom teeth-pulling video! HA!
I always sleep SO good at Julie’s house. I don’t know what it is… but the futon and the open window, combined with the sheer exhaustion, and being with family all must add up….zzzzzzzzzz :):):)
Next morning with Julie and Greg, then back up to OC for a nap, early dinner and the OC Fair!
Went with Malcolm, Danielle, Catie, and Laura to meet up with sister Joanna!

Got some photos, rode some kid rides with Catie, and cruised the exhibits. Got to see Danielle get another ribbon for her baking!

Monday was my last full day, and after a nice morning walk, and easy morning, Danielle and I met with our former Spanish teacher Andrea Kustin-Mager for lunch in Laguna. We had a lovely afternoon catching up, and laughing over great food. When that was done, I let out a big exhale, as all my commitments were done! I had so much fun seeing everyone, and still had more to see that night, but my travels were over.
That evening, Phil and Tracy came over, then Leslie and Dennis, and our great old friend Curtis!! So nice to see everyone! Malcolm grilled some awesome Mexican fare, and we all ate outside and then had some Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake!! How cool is that?! 🙂
Aren’t you just tired reading all of this?!?! lol  This is definitely one of those “I need a vacation after my vacation” times.
Even so, what a great trip, awesome weather, awesome friends, awesome family, awesome memories!
I have to say, flying Southwest was just fine, and there’s nothing like flying out of smaller, closer, airports. Orange County and Charleston were easy to get through security, and easy to get in and out of.
Thanks to everyone who made my vacation so wonderful!
I love you all!

4 thoughts on “California 2011

  1. Awwwww Kel – sounds like such a great trip!! I'm so happy you got to spend time with old friends – but yes, it made me tired just reading it! Same thing happens with me when I go to CT to visit mine – it's non-stop! I love the pics – ohhhhh, the ferris wheel pic is soooooo yummmmy!! Can't wait for you to come to Beaufort – remember, new friends are nice to visit too – heehee!! love ya – t.

  2. Hi Kel,What a FAB trip! Yes, I felt a bit exhausted after reading all your adventures but I know how those trips go – you have to pack a lot in each day. So glad it was a success! And love your photos. Xoxo – g

  3. Hey there, you were so busy but you made time for the Currans 'cause you rock! Thanks so much for making time to hang w/ us, it was great seeing you. CURRANS MADE THE BLOG!!! woohoo!

  4. Hello there from Charleston (well close enough) I read a few of your posts and figured out you moved from CA to SC, and oh you think it's hot here? lol that's an understatement, but you will get used to it (not lol) seriously I think you might' get used to it. It's actually the humidity getting to you. We seem to only have a two week window here twice a year (spring and fall) where we can actually have the AC off or the heat. So the really beautiful weather is coming up! I told my hubby it's either really HOT or really Cold. hmmmmmI moved here eight years ago and had to fly back home every two months (no kidding) after a few years I finally got getting quite so homesick! Anyway welcome to SC from another transplant too!

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