New Home!!

Hey all!!
I know I’m so overdue, as usual, but so much is going on here! Lots of exciting things.
Chris and I found a house!! To BUY!! 🙂

Looooong story, but after much looking and finding “so close” but just not the “one”, and after reeeeeally considering builing a new home, we found the perfect house! 
It was the total “love at first sight” story….loved the outside..”oh look! covered porch”, “Chris! Arches!” OOH!! 

Vaulted wall/ceiling! Ooo! island! granite, stainless, Ooh! split floorplan, GIANT closet! 
You get the picture. It just felt like- this it it. This is the one. 🙂
It is a brand new house made by Mungo homes, AND another cool thing is that it is a new floorplan, the first of it’s kind, and the ONLY one like it!! (so far)
We didn’t really want to jinx anything, so we kind of kept it quiet. With the volitile market and economy, we didn’t advertise too much detail, in case we were heartbroken, but in just 2 days, it will be ours!! 

We are moving out to Lexington. (about 10-12 miles away) In a sub-division they call Manchester Park. All English town street names, and 3 rampart lions on a crest on the Entry signs.  They are still building, and we are maybe in the 2nd phase.   It is an area that is growing, and we hope the trend continues around us.
Anyway, back to the house…all stages have gone really well, and we are just thrilled with how Mungo has taken care of us, and given us so much of what we asked for!  We have laminate floors, granite, stainless appliances, blinds, a covered porch and entry, a privacy fence, so we can get a doggie!! :):)
A 2 car garage!! and a tankless water heater. (that means “on demand” hot water, no tank. My understanding is that water is run through or over coils that heat the water as you call for it. So it never runs out!)
Pretty cool to have new stuff.

We also want to say how AWESOME our Real Estate agent is! Thanks to Karen Chandler!  We  consider her a friend for sure.

I have some pictures I will put up, but of course more will come as we get in and settled.  We just need to finish packing and move this weekend, and then once settled in, I will start taking pictures. 
I will send out our new address in email soon.  Think of us on Thursday! We close at 2pm. 

 Master bath

 The entry and our gorgeous floors!

Kitchen island, dining. Nice and open.

 Above is Master bedroom wall color.

Here is our giant great room wall. This is the only wall with color.


As an aside…I have made a new calendar for 2012!  It’s a loose page calendar, and I really love how it came out! I may still make a wall calendar, after the move, but this one is ready to go. 12 beautiful 5×7 flower/nature photos, and after each month, you can cut off the calendar and have a 5×5 fine art image to frame!  You can put the pages on a magnetic board, an easel, frame, or clip, however you want!

I have some ready to go, but give me a few days to get moved.  You can see it in my etsy shop.   (I have my shop in vacation mode right now, because I have to change my address everywhere, and I don’t want things getting lost in the mail.)
If you really like the bigger, wall, calendars, I will let you know when those are ready. (they will cost a bit more)
OK, that’s it for now!


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