Totally Rad!

So…we are finally getting settled in to the new house. Still so much that needs to be put away and organized, but the day to day operations are smooth..:)

I have finally had some inspiration to photograph, and the weather has been amazing! California weather. NO humidity.
But what’s really got me inspired is this new editing tool called RadLab! Oh man, it is FANTASTIC! I am an editing Fool these last few days.

I am trying the demo, and saving my pennies to buy the full version. I Will have it..Oh yes, I will.

They finally have editing software that works with Photoshop Elements (what I use), and whomever dreamed this up deserves a big kiss and a meeelion dollars! 🙂

I love how it has boosted my creativity, and shown me things I hadn’t been able to figure out on my own.
It has all these cool “stylets” that I can just hover my mouse over to see just what my image will look like. I can also add and adjust multiple filters to create a personal recipe (that I have the option of saving), to use later on another image! The options are endless!

Here is a screen shot:

I have been having some fun re-editing some old photos, and having some amazing results with new images too!

I just can’t get over how cool it is!  If you’re a photographer, please check it out here!  RadLab 
I guess it’s just another awesome product to come out of Orange County! 🙂

Here’s some of my play:


Thanks RadLab!  You’re Rad!

Some of these will be available in my etsy shop soon!

One thought on “Totally Rad!

  1. you are RAD! Don't you just love new inspiration?!! Ride the wave, my friend, but remember it is a wave & the low will follow. So be gentle on yourself when it comes. As artist we experience highs & lows & we/I can get stuck on the lows…I'm learning that is normal & somehow knowing it's normal helps. So go enjoy your newfound skills & add them to your already abundant talent. Your Art is so good! Go Kelly go!

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