Christmas 2011

Hey all! I just wanted to check in before the Holidays get here.

Once again, I am having to combine two posts in one because I procrastinated. Bear with me.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by my clients, who have the baby I did the newborn shoot for, if I would do their Holiday photos.  I said yes, of course. J  They are so cool. Not really stressed out people or parents, and their daughter is adorable!!  They let me practice my ‘skillz’ and still pay me!

Here are some of the shots we got:




I  feel like every time I do these I learn something, and that helps me grow. 

I have been doing pretty good with my etsy shop, and I want to thank everyone who bought photos from me, or calendars, and let you know it’s not too late to get a loose page or wall calendar before 2012!

I also have been out to the botanical gardens and we still have a little color and some blooms here.

Not too many.  It was the most gorgeous Fall here, but pretty much the whole year didn’t seem as colorful as previous years.

 We are getting settled in the house, but it’s going to take time and money to get it right, so, one day at a time.

We’re not doing too many decorations this year.  I think maybe I’ll try for a faux tree on sale after Christmas and save it for next year. 

We had some fun at the salon Christmas party.  I brought some props and we got silly!  I really love the group I work with, and it’s a fun, busy holiday time. 




Chris and I are going to Beaufort to his Mom’s for Christmas.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Again, I don’t have a great retrospective, poetic summary of the year. I can say I am grateful for all that has happened and for where I am. I am grateful for our house, and for Chris, and for my friends, family and health.  I pretty much like to look forward, and I will be happy to start a fresh, new year.  I will choose a new “word” for the year.  (This years’ was “Better”, and I think it served me well with a ‘better’ salon and a ‘better’ place to live!) I am contemplating doing a 365 project. (one photo a day) it’s much harder than it sounds when you get busy and have no time or inspiration. I can’t say for sure yet.

I really hope I get to see more of you next year. CA, OH, WA. Those would be my top picks. 🙂

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and wish you much love and happiness in the new year!


One thought on “Christmas 2011

  1. Oh, that was a wonderful Christmas post!! The pics of the family are wonderful – what a little cutie she is!!

    Can’t wait to see you the day after Christmas – we have missed you here in Beaufort!!

    Hugs –

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