Here I am! I know, it’s been too long. But I’ve been waiting for some inspiration.

We’ve had plenty going on, here’s the scoop.

An unusually warm Winter here was nice, but we always wish for at least one snow day.

We celebrated Chris’ birthday in January, and also had our first overnight company! Friends Tina and Melissa came to visit from Beaufort, and we had a girlie fun weekend, shopping for home decor and touring downtown Columbia.  The decoration process will be a slowly evolving process, as I’m sure it is for everyone (without millions of dollars!).

February started getting really busy at the salon! Always a good thing.

By Valentine’s day, the world started to bloom. Our warm Winter brought the flowers out just a little sooner than usual.  I had planted bulbs in November, and the daffodils shot up to show their sunny faces! 

These pics were taken after we had taken out all the pine straw and 5 holly bushes! (too sticky, and we want flowers)  We got some mulch and feel it looks so much neater.  (our neighbors thought so too, because they did the same thing the next weekend! ha)

Then I got some flowers for the front. They are babies, and even in a couple of DAYS later they are bigger and more flowers than in these pics. 

These are also iphone pics, so, not really showing the detail in the gerbers so you can see that they have red variations that match the verbena’s color. 🙂 More flowers to come. More bulbs will be planted, and this will also be a work in progress.

I also had some fun photo sessions in February!

One of my former co-workers was pregnant with her first baby, and asked me if I would take some maternity photos of her and her husband. I’m always a little hesitant, but willing and excited, as long as they know I’m still learning, and not to have too high expectations.

I think it was easier to have people I know as models for the shoot, but then I feel more nervous about them seeing the finished photos.  I think they came out pretty good, and I was glad we had both looked for poses to give us ideas.

I am happy to report that Stella (almost 9 lbs!) arrived (as scheduled) on March 13th! 🙂 Congratulations to the family.

The day after Laura and Tim’s shoot, one of Laura’s also pregnant friends called me and asked if I could take THEIR maternity pics! THAT week! (the baby was due that weekend! haha) No pressure.

Well, I didn’t want to say no, but felt a time crunch..we worked it out to do the very next evening! We met at the State House grounds, and I think theirs turned out great too!!

I really liked the colors they wore, and how these came out….again, having some poses we wanted to try helped.  Seriously, Ashleigh was so small! I couldn’t believe she was due in mere days! Sure enough, 7lb+ Nora was born that Sunday! 🙂

I think it’s harder to please pregnant women. They are hormonal and uncomfortable, and don’t think they look pretty.  I didn’t get to deliver Ashleigh’s pics until after the baby was born, and her husband says that is the key for having the woman love the pics! LOL! 😉 I think he’s on to something…

Anyway, that was fun for me, and I would do it again.

The first weekend in March, I went out to Beaufort to see Tina and Melissa to do hair and hang out with Tina while her husband was on vacation.  We had fun as usual, and they took me out to Hilton Head Island and Bluffton for the first time. It is always fun, and  I love adventuring with them! The weekend really turned out to be about finding cool old buildings to make a series of images to go with this shot Tina loved and got a print of for her guest room! 🙂

Besides that, we ended up watching almost 2 FULL seasons of “Downton Abbey”! hahaha…Melissa and I got Tina hooked!

If you don’t know this show, I suggest catching up this Summer while they are filming the 3rd season! It is a PBS series for Masterpiece Classics, and it is about an upper class family in England in the early 1900’s. (in the first episode, the Titanic sinks) It is also about the lives of the servants, and it is so well done. I was in after only 2 episodes. Awesome.

Just a few other shots of the flowers and also my most popular image on etsy, for your St. Patrick’s Day enjoyment.

my little daffodils…

Pretty crabapple blossoms.

Ethereal hellebore.

And pretty tulip magnolias!

So many beautiful blooms, and more to come!

My etsy shop is doing pretty well, some sales here and there. This is my most popular image right now, as you can imagine 

It is also my most popular iphone case seller at my Society6 shop!  If you haven’t been there, check it out! It’s fun, and they are now offering photo cards! I am definitely going to order some to check out the quality.

Alright, this post is way too long.  Chris and I are starting to cook more, and eat healthier.  I’m off to help him prep for dinner! 🙂

Love you all. Hope you are well and happy.  Leave me a message with what you’re up to!

xo~ Kelly


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