Better late than never…Easter tales.

OK, so here I sit on a lovely rainy evening finally getting to this post.

I’ve been wanting to for a goes.  Back in April..(SO long ago..heehee) right after my birthday and trip to Magnolia Gardens, Chris and I went to see his Dad in Georgia.  He was getting ready to have some major surgery (at this time, all went well, and he is recovering. :)), and we (us kids..all in our 40’s) all were able to go see him at the same time!

It was really fun, and we always enjoy being at his house and seeing everyone together.

I was also excited, because I had read in the Feb. Southern Living magazine about a new garden that was opening in GA VERY close to Chris’ Dads house! It’s called Gibbs Gardens, and the big draw are the 3 MILLION daffodil bulbs they’ve planted!! Of course, with the warm Winter here, they all bloomed early, and when we went, we had pretty much missed them, but it was beautiful nonetheless.  Chris’ sister Melissa and I went, (she treated me for my birthday :)) and it was nice to just have time the two of us together.  She indulged my photo taking, and it really was beautiful.

There is a waterlily garden, 

and the Japanese Garden,

and some of the flowers up by the house at the top of the hill.

It was a lovely place to visit, and I’d love to go back when more is blooming.  Check the website for their blooming calendar. It’s going to get better every year.

There was plenty of pretty all around Chris’ Dad’s too. Azalea’s blooming, columbine, and these sweet primrose growing in the crack between the street and the sidewalk!

more pretties around the neighborhood….

And on their property.

 But the best part was everyone being together, and having fun. Family fun. Making pizzas, hanging out, throwing balls, and playing with kids. Good times.


See?! Wasn’t that worth the wait? 😉

I’ll be back soon with what’s going on now, and the cool new products I’m making with my photographs!





2 thoughts on “Better late than never…Easter tales.

  1. Oh-la Kelly & Chris!

    What a wonderful time you all look like you’re having!! That is the classic picture of an American family on the front porch. So very sweet!!
    Kelly, your pictures of your trip let us all enjoy some of the beauty there. Thank you.!!
    Tom and I are reallly looking forward to our trip and finally!! getting to meet Chris. That, my dear, is long over due!!!
    Well, thats all for now – got to keep getting ready for the adventure.

    See ya soon kids, love, Mom and Tom, and Shadow>

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