Butterfly Adventure

Hello friends!

At the end of May I went to the butterfly garden in Columbia.  I just love that they have this enclosure with a cocoon house and all the plants, and nectar pots a butterfly loves!  I can go in and take as many pictures as I want, and pretty much stay as long as I want as I go on off days/times.

It’s something I look forward to every year, and I really like that I can see my photography evolve from just last year!

I wanted to share some of my photos with you.  A couple are available in my etsy shop.  I have made a couple into compact mirrors, and I love they way they came out!

And now that we have some flowers out in our front yard, we have some butterflies coming to us! 🙂

Summer has hit hard here the last few days! 109* broke all time records here in Central SC.  We got a crazy thunderstorm last night, with literal golf ball sized hail! No damage, thankfully, but we did enjoy the 30* temperature drop.  This is the hardest time for me to get any good pics, just because it’s too dang hot to spend any time outdoors.

I will most likely be doing still life shots of ‘things’, unless I take a ride to a cooler location.

Hope you are all staying cool where you are!  Have a safe 4th of July!!


6 thoughts on “Butterfly Adventure

  1. So beautiful, kelly, just breathtaking. I am loving my new “kellyn” compact mirror. I’m sure that I will need more for Christmas gifts. Your new business materials are so pretty.
    Richard and I saw a concert last week that we really enjoyed, infact it’s my new favorite band & they are from north (or south, can’t remember now) Carolina. Have you heard needtobreathe?
    Happy 4th to you. The Currans are headed to huntington beach then up to Tahoe.
    Take care, k

  2. You have a beautiful garden! Stunning images ♥
    Thanks for the follow and your visit. Have a great week ahead 🙂

  3. These photos are a pure delight to look at ! I LOVE your photography, very beautiful !
    Thanks for the follow !

      • It would be on Georgianna Lane’s blog, I never commented on Kim’s blog. I’m so happy when I find a photographer whose style of photos correspond exactly to what I love most in photography, and you’re one of them. 🙂

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