Summer days

Hey all!

Are you staying cool? It’s hotter than a …well, it’s hot. Really NOT my favorite time of year here.

Did you notice the blog looks different?  I’ve been working on it. I finally got! Look at me! All fancy!  I hope for this blog to evolve as I have over the next few years. More stories, more photos, and more fun!   I’m learning a lot and have had some great people helping me.

I’ve been pretty busy at the salon, which is great! So not much time to shoot. Plus, did I mention it’s hot?

I have been enjoying some indoor shoots with some pretty flowers and my teacup.  I seem to be going through a pink vintage phase lately.





Are you watching the Olympics?!?!!!  I am! You know I love them.  Awesome competition, I love to see the sports we never get to see, like archery and water polo! England is a great place for the games.

GO U-S-A!!

I have a couple of months to decide which photo I want to enter in the SC Fair this year.  Maybe I’ll pick a few and let YOU decide!  Let me know if you have a favorite!

Just a quick pop in to say HI! Happy Summer. I miss you all in CA. Wish I were there at the Fair with you, and enjoying the cooler beach temps. *sigh* 🙂

I realize I put “Love you” at the end of my posts, thinking I’m still only blogging to my friends and family. I’m getting new friends and a worldly family now, and I suppose some may think that’s kinda silly, so I’ll say I’m sending out light, love, and all around good joojoo feelings to everyone! 😀



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