SC Wedding and Getty!

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share a couple of stories with you.

First, I hope you have been enjoying the Olympics! I sure have! What a great year for the USA, and especially the Womens teams! Wow! Soccer was amazing, water polo, swimming, gymnastics… Awesome!  Anyway,  it’s always fun,  and I think England did an wonderful job!

OK, so, moving along… I went to my first wedding here in South Carolina! My sweet client Caroline married her love Westley. Caroline was one of my first sorority girls, and she and her beautiful hair really helped me build my clientele.  I was so excited to be attending, and tho I did her color and cut, I did not do her wedding hair.  (up-do’s are still not my forté)

So, the dilemma was that I didn’t have a dress to wear! Ugh..I have gained a bit of weight since moving here. 😦  My pretty pink dress I planned to wear was a little tight. The only other dress I have is a black dress.  I can’t wear a black dress to a wedding! Horror of horrors!  I tell my co-workers I need a new dress, and they say “wear the black dress!” I’m shocked! No way! They say it’s done all the time here. WHAT!?! (hahahaha)

I really start thinking about it.  I was brought up to think that wearing black to a NON formal wedding is TABOO. Like you’re in mourning. Almost and insult! (maybe not that dramatic) Still, it felt so wrong.  I really asked around, and I got about 5 to1 in favor of black being ok. Wow.  Well, I decide to go shopping and see if I could find something, and if not, I would wear the black. I asked the clerk about black and a nice older lady in the store. Again…”Oh I think it’s fine!” Wow.

Well, I found a really cute dress, on sale, and I really liked it, so I got it. Here it is:

I could wear black SHOES. 😉

Well, let me tell you… NO ONE was wearing a black dress at this wedding! ha! I DID see 2 black skirts, but everyone was in pretty Summer colors, and I called Chris and co-worker to say I am SO glad I didn’t wear black!! whew!

Am I the only one who feels this way?!  Would you wear a black dress to a non formal wedding? Maybe it’s a generational thing? It just felt wrong.

So after all that, the wedding was beautiful!  I brought my camera along, and here are some of the shots I got.



I loved her colors of Tiffany blue, white and coral. There were so many beautiful details and I really liked the “Country Chic” style of burlap accents. 

I loved the personal decorations on the shelves.

The cake tasted as good as it looked! 🙂

Look at (some of) her beautiful Phi Mu sisters!


It was a beautiful day! Congratulations to the McKinney’s! ♥


The other story I wanted to share is that I was contacted by Getty Images to be a contributor!

This is VERY exciting news for me!

About Getty Images

We are a leading provider of digital media worldwide, creating and distributing a range of assets – from royalty-free stock photography and editorial images to videomusic and multimedia – that help communicators around the globe tell their stories.

This was a goal of mine for a while now. It was really somewhat of a spiritual exercise for me, to have wanted something- seen others get picked, been happy for them without being resentful, and ultimately letting it go….not being attached to the outcome, but holding it as a goal. Knowing that not being picked didn’t mean I wasn’t good.  Literally within 2 months of making that conscious decision, I was contacted! 🙂 YAY!

So I basically have an agent now for a few of my photos!  Maybe one day I will have a really popular image that will make lots of money! 🙂

Here is my invitation:


Yippee!! 🙂


All right. That’s enough. I hope you all have a great weekend!




8 thoughts on “SC Wedding and Getty!

  1. Hey Kelly, congratulations on Getty 🙂 well done! Especially as it was something you really wanted.

    Loving your dress, beautiful colours and patterns, I love things like that! And loving the shot with all the lights ♥

  2. Hi Kelly,

    I love the dress! Good choice (but where is your head??)

    Also, congratulations on the Getty gig. You deserve it and I expect more than a few photos will become popular!

    I just got back from Oahu with Renee’, Mike and the boys. Drew was in ICU for 8 days after a vomiting episode sent him into shock. He is such a trooper and though we don’t know what caused it, we do know what didn’t cause it 🙂 It was good to help relieve some of the stress and spend extra time with Dylan, who was ever so worried.

    Hope to see you soon!



  3. WOW ! Congrats Kelly, this is awesome ! You must have been so excited when you received the invitation. Being recognized is a wonderful thing ! I wish you luck with your images and hope you can make money out of them.
    The photos of the wedding are beautiful, I love the light in them. And your dress was perfect, so much better than black !

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