Thanks to everyone who voted and helped me decide which photo to enter into the Fair this year!

Turns out it’s a tie!  Between ‘Oak Arches” and “Friends on a Flower”.

I’m not going to have a run off, and officially, I have entered both into the fair, but I will most likely only take one.

I like the Oak trees too, but it’s cropped at an odd size for enlarging, and that may make it really expensive to mat and frame.  I will look into possibly getting a custom mat, and a standard frame, but if it gets too complicated, I will enter Friends on a Flower.   I’m just trying to keep it simple.


We didn’t get too much rain from Isaac. Some, and it’s muggy and hot when it’s not raining. 😦

So I made my own fun indoors on my day off with some fruit and some soda water! I love how they came out!




Don’t they look yummy?!?!


Be back soon!


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