Hello Monday

Trying something new today. Making a post from my iPhone in the WordPress app.
I’ve been wanting to do a post about instagram. It’s one of my favorite photography apps for iPhone (also for android).
If you don’t know it, it’s really fun because you can take a picture, add a little filter to enhance it, add a little note and upload it to your stream. So easy and fun. And Free!  I can follow my friends and they can follow me!
It’s a fun way to show happenings in your life and world around you, and see what others are up to. It is also very inspiring for photography.
I have been doing a 365 photo a day project with the iPhone and posting to instagram. I’m on day 254, and am glad to say I’ve only missed one day! (I made it up the next day)
Some photos are more exciting than others…just like life. But I love that there is a monthly list of ideas by a blogger named @fatmumslim that really helps me some months.
Here a re a couple of my instagram shots.


Heres what I’m doing today


Also planting fall flowers and laundry. Exciting, eh?!

If you’re on instagram, follow me at flair4hair, and I’ll follow you back!

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I like your blog! I’m adding everyone in our Behind the Scenes class blogroll to my bookmarks to try to keep in touch… I’m trying to get on the Instagram bandwagon after Kim’s plug for it in class! I’m still not totally sold on it yet, but I’m trying to get there! Great post… maybe I’ll try to document every day life a little better via IG. I’m horrible at capturing life 365! We’ll see! 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by Yvonne! I think if you give it a try, you’ll like it. See what others you know are doing. You don’t have to do a 365! I just wanted to try and with the apps to remind me and give me prompts, it was easy!

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