End of Summer

Hello again!

Wow how fast the time is flying! Lots to tell to get caught up!

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! (For those of us in the States)

I went down to Beaufort to go horseback riding with my friend Tina! She said she found this place that has a trail ride that takes you out on the beach!  Oh man! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do that! Bucket list item…Check!      I’m in!

I went out the night before, and she took me to a recently finished boardwalk at the Cypress Wetlands in Port Royal – a preserve that they have been making into a wonderful place to view all types of birds. We got some of the white ibis coming in to roost. A lot of birds, and a lot of noise! 😉  I got this isolated guy, but most of my shots weren’t that great.


The next morning we got up early to give ourselves a little photo time before the ride.

We went to the National Cemetery in Beaufort. Wow it’s beautiful!  A very nice place for reflecting and paying respects.  The live oaks and Spanish moss are amazing this time of year, and the crape myrtles in bloom really add to the beauty.


Very powerful.

Then we drove out to the beach at Hunting Island State Park. I needed to say hello to the ocean.  I’m not used to living so far away from the beach.  And it’s a bit different from the beach I grew up with.  The water is (TOO) warm! I mean 80’s! Now, how is that refreshing when it’s 100* outside?!?! 😉

But I tell ya, I love the dune fences and the sea grass. 🙂


THEN we got to the Camelot equestrian center.

Somewhere between the time we left and the time we got to the center, it got to be about 91* degrees, humid, and the air wasn’t moving much at all. :/

We were smart enough to bring bottles of water, and take Tylenol before the ride, anticipating soreness as neither of us has been riding in years!

Well, it was so beautiful, and for the most part enjoyable, but I started getting overheated.  I got my water out and poured some over my head on three different occasions. Ugh. I can’t imagine the horses were having fun.

We did see some gorgeous scenery.  The beach was beautiful, and the guide took us down the Avenue of Oaks where one of the many “Run Forrest” scenes were shot in the Forrest Gump movie.

(Tina was good and wore her helmet..I was too hot, so I signed the waiver…)

It was really hard getting photos while riding a horse, but oh yes, we brought our cameras! hahaha!

I had a good time, but I will never go again in the Summer! TOO HOT for this girl.

I am so ready for Fall, how about you?  Sweaters? Warm days, cool nights?  I know it’s been REALLY hot in CA this last week. Welcome to Summer! 😉

My calendars are almost ready to go up in the shop.  I’m hoping to do 2 sizes again this year. A wall calendar and a loose, 5×7, or desktop flip…still not sure.

Enjoy your weekend!  Tomorrow makes ONE YEAR that we’ve been in the house! Can you believe it?!  We’ve had some minor repairs done by the builder, and we still have to have our floors replaced inside..(the wood floors creak and crackle A LOT, so they are replacing them). But all is well. 🙂


Next weekend is the photo workshop for me, and I’ll be back to tell about that.

Best Wishes and Blessings!










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