Hello Monday!

I’m going to TRY to do a Hello Monday post each week to catch up and tell stories when I have them to tell. (TRY is the key word here)

It’s been a busy 11 or so days.

Last Friday after work, I drove out to Saluda, SC, to my friend Amanda Padgett’s home. She and another photographer were hosting the Prime- Focus on You, a  2 day photography workshop in Newberry, SC. (not far away) in which I was participating.

We wanted to together to go over the schedule, scout shooting locations, and put together all of the binders and goodie bags for the participants.
It was really fun for me. It was my first time being a part of something like this, and I didn’t even feel nervous that I was going to be teaching 2 different classes…. one on still life photography, and one on texturing photos.

People came from all over the US! Ohio, California, Washington, North Carolina, etc.

The first day was all about photography. Your camera, getting good shots. Lighting and studio set ups, still life, and marketing. We had small, rotating groups and it was catered to work through lunch.

We had a couple of models to work with. High school kids, and Amanda’s daughter unofficially.

After the first day, we got some urban shots of the teens in town, and then everyone came out to Amanda’s home and farm to get some great shots at sunset! It couldn’t have been better weather or lighting! Really awesome!

Back the next day for classes about editing. Photoshop, Lightroom, textures, etc… I used a couple of the shots I got the day before to demonstrate technique.
It was nice, because I really learned a lot too!

I really think it all went smoothly, and I met some really nice new people that I definitely now consider friends! 🙂

They have already started planning the next workshop in March! And I have been asked to teach again!! YAY!
It really did feel good, because I just did what I know, and surprisingly, I know a lot! 🙂 I may not be the most technical teacher, but I can help you get started, and maybe help your creativity along, and that was pretty cool!

So…back to life…working and house work. I dropped the Butterfly picture off at the Fair, and I should know soon if I win anything.

We have had our year walk through with the home builders, and we’ve had them out multiple times to repair things while under warranty. Can you believe it’s been a year?!?!

Chris and I pulled up all our mulch and replaced it, took out the flowers, and got bushes to plant…Lots to do!

I hope to be back next Monday with something fun to tell… 🙂


7 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. the one with the hat is my favourite ♥ have fun with your garden, it is sad to see all the flowers going but autumn is a beautiful season too ♥

  2. Beautiful portraits Kelly, there’s such a beautiful light. I also love the photos with the fence and sunflare, very beautiful. I would have love to take your still life class, you are so good at still life !

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