Fair 2012

Well, I did say TRY to post every week….

Last weekend we had Chris’ sister and her family come up from Beaufort to stay a couple of days for their daughter’s basketball clinic. We always love seeing them, and we had a good time hanging out together, watching Mattie play basketball, and catching up!

Monday I had a continuing education class for hair, and I got all inspired and pumped up for the Holiday season at the salon.

The fair has been here all week, and I went in during the free lunch hours just to see my picture hanging, and get a few shots.

Everything I took cried out to be soft pastel…so I obliged. 🙂


Chris and I are going back tomorrow for closing day. I hope to get just a couple more. My picture got hung, but no awards that I am aware of.  I pick it up Monday morning, and will know then if anyone wants to buy it!

This week we have workers coming to fix things in the house. Still working on our year end punch list.

I’m trying to stay positive, but they have not given us much confidence in their abilities.  This is the FOURTH time they are coming to do the SAME repair.

Don’t forget the coupon code to get 15% off your 2013 Calendar before November 1st is CAL15.

We are having wonderful Fall weather here, I hope you are all well and happy too!

xo~ Kelly


4 thoughts on “Fair 2012

  1. Beautiful Kelly ! I just love those soft pastel colours, the last but one and third photos are wonderful so beautiful !

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