Holidays 2012

It’s that time of year again!

Busy busy, At work, with parties, shopping, travelling, seeing family, etc, etc.

In my case, definitely busy. With work, and a couple of family photo shoots!  First was my co-worker Ronnie and his beautiful family. Down at local Lake Murray, we had a great time!

Hardcastle collage web

Then my client/friends, and their sweet daughter I’ve had a few sessions with… 🙂

Simmons collage web

So fun. 🙂

I just got my Christmas cards finished and mailed.  I didn’t have time to do a photo card this year, but I’ve got next years’ all lined up! hahaha

Chris and I are planning to just lay low here, and just relax!

We put up a little tree, (picture is blurry on purpose)  and hung some lights outside.

My salon had our Christmas party at the beginning of December, and we went ROLLER SKATING!! How fun is that?!?!

So much fun at a non public location, so we had the whole place to ourselves, and the floor was so nice!  I LOVED it! I haven’t skated in a while…(on 4 wheels)  I really had fun, and didn’t fall once! (I wore my wrist guards just in case!)

(Hard to take photos on skates…FYI…)

We had to wear bad Christmas sweaters too! LOL  Good fun. We definitely want to go back!

salon xmas

I am planning to come to CA at the end of January!  My Uncle Doug and Aunt Sandy are coming to visit, and I REALLY want to see them…(and of course all of YOU)  So Chris is helping me get a ticket for Christmas so I can come see my family!  I will be in touch when my dates are firm. 🙂 So excited.  I didn’t get home in 2012.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.   In light of what has happened in CT recently, I hope we can all find the blessings in our lives and focus on those at the end of this year.  Give all your loved ones a tighter hug.

With Love and gratitude,



One thought on “Holidays 2012

  1. Beautiful post Kel…love the little snowflakes drifting down…don’t have any clue how you did that!! Maybe we’ll see each other in January:) Cindy’s at a new salon called Platino on Birch in Newport Beach where I go to see her. She was in yoga tonight at HB:) xoxo!!

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