Well Happy New Year! (A little late, I know)

So much has been going on.  I wanted to stop in and say hello.

Our 2013 was ushered in very quietly, we watched College football, and I kept jumping at the sound of (legal) Fireworks, before heading to bed before midnight, (not caring about being awake) only to keep talking in the dark until it WAS midnight!

I have been sick after taking an antibiotic that made my colitis flare up pretty badly. I’m feeling much better now, and am really hoping I will be ALL better before getting on a plane to CA!

I haven’t really felt creative in the last couple of months, and really only just this weekend felt like taking any pictures.

cup of love web

I worked on some cute and girly Valentine’s Day pictures….

Belles choses web

I am excited to see tulips in stores, and my own daffodils are already about 3 inches tall out front!  I can’t believe I will have flowers this soon!  We have been warmer than California this last week, and while I know it won’t last, it’s been pretty nice!

quiet moments web

Poetic web

I’m excited to get out and take some more photos, and can’t wait to be in California in about 2 weeks!!! I could use a change of scenery. 🙂

I’ll bring the warm weather with me, ok?!

Chris’ birthday is tomorrow, Happy Birthday Chris!

Happy Birthday to all my January Birthday friends including Danielle, Tina, and Georgianna!

I have to run!  More to come!

Happy new year everyone!


3 thoughts on “2013

  1. I love all your still life photos, they are always so beautiful ! I love your girly pictures and I really love the second to last. The last one is wonderful, so soft and I like the tones.
    Happy New year to you !

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